Reason To Breathe



This book I found when i was browsing my local library. I was 13. 3 years later and this book is still so so special to my heart. When i first read the summary i was immediately intrigued. I can say with confidence that this book is what introduced me properly to the world of romance, heartbreak and drama and in a nutshell the heartbreaking,  soul wrenching stack of pages that are BOOKS!

Okay i wont go into much blabbering and get to the point.

This book deals with the topic of abuse-physical and mental to the protagonist, Emma by her aunt, Carol. Though this is one of the main plots of the book there are several other characters which make this book so emotionally heart wrenching. This book had its fair share of drama and tears and I have to say though i didn’t agree with Emma’s reason to continue suffering just because she didn’t want to snatch her younger cousins’ mother from them i understood her way of thinking.

Her best friend, Sara was fun preppy outgoing and made Emma’s days much more bearable. And now enter the new guy, Evan. HE WAS HOT AND SWOONWORHY AND BASICALLY MY DREAM GUY.He gave Emma friendship and support when she needed it and gave her love even when she didn’t. The way he gave her the space she required and was besides her even though he didn’t know the whole story was admirable. I mean come on, who wouldn’t fall in love with him.

This book had so many oooh and aah moments that will take your heart on a rollercoaster and i can not admire this book enough. I might be partial by saying only the good stuff about the book but trust me i have a reason.

This book is part of a series all of which have been published and i will warn you that if you read the first part and are frustrated by cliffhangers keep the next two besides you because i suffered for two months before i got m y hands on these babies.

So yeahh stop reading this lame attempt that i call a review that can never do justice do this book and go read the book!!


Song for the book- The Other by Lauv.  


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