DARK LOVER ( The Black Dagger Brotherhood #1)



The Black Dagger Brotherhood has been on my to-read list for a long time, considering it was in top 50 on so many Goodreads list but I have read many vampire romance books and honestly, at a point, all of them turn out to be cheesy and stereotypical, so I wasn’t really keen on adding another series to it. But after all the buzz surrounding it, I gave it a try and I do not regret that. The only thing I regret is not reading it sooner.

Dark Lover is exactly what a genuine paranormal romance should be like. It isn’t like your typical school girl vampire romance but where the vampires are on the verge of extinction. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is the only force between vampires and evil lesser and they basically protect the vampire race.

Lets take a moment and talk about the brothers.

*swoons *


They are heart warming. It was a treat getting to know all of them and their own different stories. Despite all of them being different in personalities, I fell in love with all of them individually and even in their unity, how everyone had each others backs. Plus, I love some series which have different books for all members of a family. Not always, but in this series, I can not wait to just read and read and read.

The protagonist of the book  is Wrath, the only pure vampire left. When one of his close friends dies, he honors his friend’s last wish to protect his daughter , Beth, who is unaware of her parents. She is drawn to Wrath and so is wrath to her. What I really loved about this book is the fast paced but explained romance. Not one where they jump to bed in the first ten pages neither one that makes you wait three fourth of the book just for a kiss.  There was a little bit of drama and jealousy , again, not much, not less, it was just perfect.

Wrath is a very conflicted character. He is known as the ‘king’ of the vampires and even though he is almost blind, he is a fighter. Seeing Beth bring out the cuddly puppy dog sweet side of him is the best thing to read, I am telling you. It is so dang heart melting!

*deep breaths*

I also liked how blood isn’t just portrayed as a cruel , ugly thing but really really intimate and beautiful, yes beautiful.

What I did not like were the too many additional scenes in the book. Although it helps in building up the story , and some of them were necessary , I found myself skipping through the pages because even after all the skimming, I knew what was going on.

The third person point of view gives this story much more effect than a first person would have done. The writing is rather different than the normal books, and so is the plot, but this is a book , you need to read.


Goodreads:- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42899.Dark_Lover


Song for the book :- All of Me by John Legend


5 thoughts on “DARK LOVER

  1. I have read the first 11 books in this series and it is great. The first one is not my favourite book but it definitely made me obsessed with them. You definitely should read the others!


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