I read this book in early 2015’s but after re-reading the series for the third time, I just had to review it.

I loved the book, it was an amazing journey for me. Shamelessly saying, I love books with an erotic-controlling – alpha male romance especially if it has a forbidden plot.

I’d been reading about this book all over Goodreads and I’m so happy I finally took upon to read the book. Needless to say, I didn’t get a Ezra-Aria kind sweet romance. It was way more, mature and passionate. I like age gaps, but ones with three-four years and I never thought Id say this but the ten year age gap between Julia and Gabriel, just made the book way more sexier.

Gabriel Emerson is hats off, the sexiest professor ever. I have read many student- teacher romance books but never once read about the swoon worthy Gabriel . He is just everything a girl needs. Controlling and hell lota sexy most of the time and just sweet , caring and passionate in the bedroom. I feel in love with him since the beginning. Honestly, I have a soft spot for dominant alpha males who are sweet puppies for their lover.


Julia, is a contradictory character. During the start of the book , I was highly annoyed with her. There were so many times I wanted to tell her to stop being so fragile and naïve and to get her shit together. She was submissive and easily scared in the start and although it is justified by her background, it’s just annoying. Add to it, that she didn’t know what picking up girls at a bar is. Like you are twenty-three, not thirteen for god’s sake. I usually like a more strong heroine who gives the hero a hard time dealing with her, but Julia was more like a small child than an adult. She is kind and extremely sweet. But she does come along and becomes strong and independent and I ended up connecting with her and liking her.

Julia and Gabriel’s chemistry was just swoon worthy, add to it the connection of their past. The book had an addictive essence of Dante and Beatrice , that I found myself Googling and reading all about Dante’s Inferno.

I did find words like ‘my love’, ‘ my darling’, ‘ my angel’ , that Gabriel spoke a little bit cheesy but then again it adds so much to the character of Gabriel, which is a literature philosopher and makes him seem more grown up, nevertheless, I tried not to dwell on it .

There were more literature references than needed and honestly, I skimmed through many of them . Although the base of the book and their second meeting is during a literature lecture and that’s both their majors, it still makes it seem a little bit more on the English classical side.

Nevertheless , It is written differently than normal romances and is worth a try even if you don’t like it.


 Song for the book :- You and Me Matthew Barber



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