Making Faces




The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Making Faces is ‘Ambrose Young was beautiful’ after having read the summary a million times. The first time I read Making Faces was two years ago and after reading the book once again just recently, it brought all the feels of the book back, I just had to write this review. Making Faces is without doubt one of my most favorite books.

This book moved me! The feels in this book are real , the story is real. Ambrose is such a tortured hero and the story isn’t all hearts and roses even though it is a happy ending. Amy Harmon’s writing is beautiful and just moving as she portrays second chances and silver linings.

Fern has been in love with Ambrose since they were kids. But he was barely aware of her existence. She was the shy girl in school while he was the hero.  She is a smart and caring girl with a giving heart. Apart from her friends and family, fern grew up unnoticed my anyone. Although through out the book , we see her coming out of her shell to become a strong woman.

After the events of 9/11, Ambrose enlisted with four of his best friends but he was the only one who returned alive which killed him internally. Making him a tortured hero , this incident made Ambrose permanently broken and filled with guilt and he hid as much from the world as he could, until Fern, who bought him back to life.

The book just does not revolve around the main parts of love and sex, but it goes way more deeper with lots of friendship. I found myself crying so many times while reading this book just because the reality of the book hits you and even though I’m not in  the world, I cant but help- feel it all. While the good parts had me crying happy tears.

Bailey, Fern’s cousin stole the last piece of my heart . He has Duchenne muscular disorder and his connection with Fern is so deep , I cant even put it in words, just absolutely beautiful. Even though his body Is shutting down, his determination to live and make an impact broke my heart, the feels AAGH. I believe, he played definitely a big part in the story.

I always dream about male book protagonists or as most people call , my book boyfriends. But surprisingly , I have never been able to imagine Ambrose in any other way than Fern’s man because any other way just seems wrong, like if there is Ambrose, there is Fern and it goes no other way. And that speaks a lot for the way the romance is portrayed.

This book inspired me, and not just in the romantic way but showing me that bad times never last forever and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It made me believe in second chances and most importantly that bad things happen in life, but it’s going to be okay. And I think that this is a think that many people need to realize.

Making faces is heart breaking and heart warming , there is sadness and loss and love and friendship , all the while being so damn realistic. Reading this book just gives me hope, always.


Song for the book:-Better Than Me by Hinder


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