After reading most of Penelope Ward’s books in a short span, the question why I have not reviewed any of her books , just dawned on me, so here I am reviewing my most favourite Penelope Ward book.


Nina Kennedy moved to New York to study nursing. She was sharing an apartment with her childhood friend Ryan, his girlfriend Tarah and of course, Jake Green.

Nina has several anxiety related problems which basically forbid her from doing many normal acts like ride an elevator or walk freely in public places like the subway.

Jake, all the while is the tatted notorious player with an outgoing an charismatic personality and gets any girl he wants.

Nina is attracted to Jake the first time she sees him . And , I love how Jake tries to make Nina face her fears. Basically, since she sucked at Maths and he was a pro, he offered to tutor her. On one condition, if Nina gets below an ‘A’, she would have to confront a fear of her. It is a win-win situation for her.

Jake was so patient with Nina! He slowly broke through her shell and her fears to make her finally open up to him. He took so many risks while making Nina face her fears and silently calmed her down while she confronted them, all the while trying to make it a happy moment for her so she will only have good memories for things that scare her and I FREAKING LOVE THAT!, or him.

But Jake has a big secret, one that could potentially destroy everything he had with Nina. Call me cruel, but I love it when the male breaks the female first and then breaks her heart, because once they get back together again, its just fucking fireworks and chocolates, And the chemistry sure as hell didn’t let me down.

I think the first 80% of the story is although really brain – fucking (like all of Penelope Ward’s books) the rest is just a storm. Like they fuck it up big time and we are just shown a part where they are in love but then not. I’ve never read anything like that in any book before and honestly, I loved it. Not many books give us more details about their relationship after a life changing twist but this it! The story just didn’t jump right onto the happy ever after but actually showed the readers how Jake and Nina dealt with ‘the secret’ even after they were together again.

The ending-Oh.My.God! The sweetest moment ever , like I swear I’ve never cried so bad for a happy moment. For all those who have read the book , you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t read the book, what are you waiting for?

Goodreads:- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18243828-jake-undone?ac=1&from_search=true

Song for the book:- Ever After by Mariana Trench


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