A Court Of Thorns And Roses




This is my first book by Sarah Maas and was I blown away by the writing, characters and description written by her. I swear i have never in my life enjoyed reading descriptions in a book as much as in this one because i am guilty of skimming through them in most of the books(judge me, but you know you doit too!).

The writing was absolutely beautiful and the way she describes every situation just baffles my mind how some one can think of something so different and interesting and so amazing.

The book revolves around Feyre(such a beautiful name!) who is a huntress and accidentally kills a faerie while on a hunt. Her family and she live in a cottage in the mortal realm. There is a wall which divides the mortals from the faerie lands who were considered evil lords who wanted to control the mortals in earlier times.Since she killed a faerie her family is attacked by a beast who takes her away to the faerie lands to stay with him. This beast turns out to be Tamlin,the High Lord of Spring Court. Let me just take a moment to describe how much emotion I have for him. His character is just so intense that i was skeptical about him initially but there was definitely something about him that just really intrigued me. I knew that i would end up loving him eventually and I did.The thing that attracted me to Tamlin was his protective nature and how he cared so much for Feyre.

 So as the book progresses there are various ooh and aah moments and as there are revelations on top of the chemistry between Feyre and Tamlin. Also another aspect of the book I loved was Lucien and Feyre’s friendship which was very interesting to watch and very funny.I loved their horseback rides the most and how he genuinely cared for her even though he was not really open with his emotions.

Another character I loved/hated was Rhysand. I just don’t know what to make of him? Like I don’t need or want a love triangle but it was just so confusing because I really hated him in the start but towards the end I was just left confused and I would love to see what happens of him and Feyre? I can see a lot of people Feyre and him but I don’t because he is a muddy character for me right now.

Overall the book was so addicting I am definitely going to have a major book hangover. The ending was happy but it still left things a bit unfinished which will hopefully be cleared in the next book. I would give this book like 6/5!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!


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