My first word after completing reading this book ,which was just ten minutes ago, was sigh of ‘fuck’ , followed by me sitting on my bed and taking the book in . Five minutes later I find myself writing this review because I just had to put it all down.

Mind – fucking , heart – breaking and over whelming book with the chemistry that leaves you all hot and bothered. Can’t believe I said that but damn girl the first time they actually have sex, which is almost near the ending, I found myself shamelessly smiling while reading it. It was so dang sexy, and I have a weakness for angry make up sex.

Since we’re talking about sexy, Zeke, that guy won my heart since the first page and he was an asshole then. He was one of those guys, that put up a rough and mean exterior and then end up falling for the sweet innocent – way out of his league girl. Zeke was smitten the first moment he saw Patience and even though he tried, he couldn’t put up his rough exterior all the time .

Zeke was the guy from the trailer park while Patience was the state senator’s daughter, innocent and the kind of girl Zeke stayed away from. But he kept colliding with her and he was the rainbow in her darkness.

Zeke tries to stay away , he does, but they end up being friends and falling in love. I loved how they slow connection is shown along with the undying chemistry which had me chanting ‘kiss kiss’ all the time they were together.

Both of them had one thing in common, they were both abused by their fathers and end up saving each other from their. In the end , when all shit goes downhill, they are each others strength, until they aren’t.

Something Zeke did, out of clear conscience and to protect Patience, happened to be the one thing that pulled him away from her, made her leave him. Then life happens and she ends up moving away along with her sister and when she finally realizes that she made a mistake by pushing Zeke away, time was waster and Zeke was gone.

I have never read so fast in my life as I did the last chapter which speedily floated to all that happened in her life just to see if they meet again in this book and they do. I was a mess, tears down my eyes and then smiling, the book had me flood through emotions.

I also loved Patience. Ive said earlier how easy it is for me to like the male protagonist and even though I connect with the female lead and like her, it isn’t the kind of like that has me remember her. But I sure as hell will remember Patience, she was such a beautiful lead and so strong even though she was broken. I look up to her and shes just amazing.

Parting words, I can not wait to get my hands on the sequel.



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