If ever you want to test the capacity of how much you could cry at a time, read this book. Me Before You is hats off one of the most realistic and heart breaking books I’ve read . It took me about half a year to get the courage to read this book. When I found out about the ending of this book , my initial reaction was ,’theres no way im ever reading this book.’ But come on, there is  a book that will leave you in a million pieces, how can you not read it? So I read it and I’m so glad I did.

Even though it broke my heart..but that’s fine!

The story revolves around a small town girl Louisa , who lives with her family , her boyfriend but never actually enjoys her life. So after being fired from her job, in desperation , takes up a work as a caretaker of a young quadriplegic man from a really wealthy family, Will Traynor.

Will used to be a wealthy and powerful business man who pursued action and adventure and loved his life, until an accident two years ago left him in  a wheel chair, totally paralyzed from neck down and in no control of his life anymore. After trying everything for a year, putting everything in getting better, he was still the same and eventually realized that his condition was permanent, he makes a decision , which in his defense was kind of logical. So, that is when Lou comes in .

It was painful seeing such a strong and independent man confined in a chair with no control over his life what so ever and I could feel his frustration and rage and how he was trapped inside his own body. So, for the first time in two years, Lou brings back some happy moments in his life with her out going and chirpy personality.

I was amazed by the wonderfully written love-hate relationship between them. Will was moody and cranky in the start but its beautiful to read how he gradually warms up to Lou.

Then is when Lou finds out about his decision. It was not a decision made out of frustration or a blurry mind, it was one made out of personal choice and logical thinking.

And like any human being, Lou clings up to a ray of hope, a belief that there must be a way to change the situation and she does everything in her power to do so.

Their relationship was more of a friendship than love most part of the book and it gives a whole new outlook to the book. There was growing up and finding yourself, finding what you love in life and I loved it.

There is no sudden incident in the end, and honestly, I could understand why he did what he did because a place where you don’t love yourself is not a good place to be in.

The book is a reminder each moment, to live every second of life and savour it , to follow your passion and not be afraid , to find a purpose in life and live it.

Song for the book :- Photograph by Ed Shereen



5 thoughts on “ME BEFORE YOU

  1. So true what you wrote, it definitely broke my heart. I have heard After You is not as good so I haven’t had the courage to read it yeat. But Me Before You is one of my favourite stand alone books ever!


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