Did anyone swoon after reading the title? Especially people who’ve read the book and know its meaning? I did! And I promise  , one day I’m getting those words tattooed on my skin .

Now to the actual book, I am a huge Kristen Ashley fan. Her books aren’t meant for everyone, but for me, It’s one of my favourite kinds of books. And series and series of controlling dominant –alpha males, ohmygod!

I love vampire or werewolf romances but most of the time they are just the same cliché books, so when I came to know that Kristen Ashley has a vampire novel, I jumped right for reading it because she doesn’t let down ,and boy she didn’t.

‘’For eternity. Until the end of days. Until the sun falls from the sky.’’

So in this vampire world, the vampire chose their ‘concubine’ ,which is a human, they feed from until they are released. They live in the house the vampire gives them , the vampire also provides them all other facilities and even their protection. That is what Leah started as for Lucien. She comes from an elite family of concubines and Is selected by Lucien at The Selection. Lucien has been waiting for Leah for twenty years until she is finally of age. Sweet , right? Until you come to know , he actually has a mate! (who he obviously leaves later, so no need for heart break ladies)

In a world where vampires are not allowed to divulge into any activities with their concubines, Lucien ends up moving with Leah and also making her his ‘lover’. He cheats and he fights the rules to have Leah even though he knows he cant have her as his mate for he is immortal and she is mortal.

Lucien is more than eight hundred years old and I love Kristen’s writing because she makes us feel so. I’ve read many vampire – werewolf books but never did the age really matter, because it’s the age they look, but for Lucien, I felt it, his wisdom and his experiences, he feels ancient and no every author can make you feel that.

You know those controlling alpha males who want their female to be controlled and they females just turn out to be the most stubborn and challenging person to test the males’ limits? This book started out just like that. But Lucien promised Leah that if shed accept him, all of him, it wouldn’t be a fail for her independence but he could give her everything, and he does, and it’s just beautiful.

There are things he does , like lie to her or mind control her or even take blood from another human because he was angry at her and even though it made me mad , it made me understand who Lucien was and I don’t hate him anymore. I mean come on sexy – alpha male-powerful vampire, who could hate him?

One thing I found weird is Leah is forty years old, yes, and she acts as a teenager. Now I’m not really keen on reading romances where the protagonist is just slightly younger than my mom but the fact that she did not behave forty helped me over look that fact a lot. Other than that, where is Lucian?

There is a prophecy , regarding three couples, Lucian and Leah being one of them, and well now, I cant wait to pick up the next book !

Goodreads:- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13453301-until-the-sun-falls-from-the-sky

Song for the book :-Hero by Enrique Iglesias


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