I have had this book on my TBR for more than a year now but never actually came to reading it (like most books on my TBR :P) . So the other day I was reading a Historical Fiction and all of a sudden I realize, I need to read a dark book and there it comes –The Murder Complex- finally.

The book follows the lives of Meadow Woodson , the daughter of a fisherman and Zephyr James, an orphan, in this dark world where the death rate is more than the birth rate. It follows their story of survival and mystery in the world. The book is told in dual POV , switching between Meadow and Zephyr.

‘Count to three. Relax your mind. Now survive.’

The plot of this book had me captivated the second I read the summary. I really liked this dystopian world and the fast paced action. I didn’t realize how fast the book got over for me –in a good way. Like here I am starting and couple of hours later im just like, ‘wait its over?’. The build up was fast and the main plot started almost before half the book- a fact I liked.

I really really liked Meadow. She is a sixteen year old girl, living in a boathouse with her younger sister, brother and her father. The siblings have a tight bond but even though their father loves them, his way of showing it is not affection. Meadoww’s father has trained her to kill and to survive in this world , making her a very tough and kick ass person .He has prepared her to take the placement test –where everyone gets an opportunity to get a job-but the only was is to kill, ‘kill or be killed.’  Meadow is determined to prove her worth and support her family.



No escaping.

No turning back.

This is what we must do to survive.

This is the Murder Complex.’

Then she meets Zephyr, a seventeen year old ward – an orphan which is unworthy in the eyes of the state. His usual job is getting rid of dead bodies but for some reason –he unknowingly kills people and then feels extremely guilty about it . His personality is different from Meadow. While Meadow is trained to kill and survive, Zephyr has been an orphan for a large part of his life. He also has his guilt killing him . But he has one hope – a girl with silver hair who he sees in his dreams and guess who has silver hair? Meadow! a

Meadow and Zephyr have an instant friendship ( Zephyr has instant love –which is weird but considering she’s been in his dreams for a long time , I think I get it).

So it is about them solving the mystery about The Murder Complex together and you’ll just have to read to find it out.


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Song for the book :- Fuego by Bond


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