A Court Of Mist And Fury


-Sarah. J. Maas

The amount of love I have for this book is not even funny. My thoughts before starting the book were that there was no way Sarah could top ACOTAR , but was I mistaken because HOLY SHIT! This book just gave me all the feels. Firstly Feyre’s character development because her transition from someone who was dependent and not confident to this strong, powerful immortal who kicked a** and didn’t take sh*t from anyone was really something I loved. I also liked the fact that the author showed her going through this PTSD phase in the earlier parts of the book and slowly showed how she healed emotionally from what she had done to save Prythian and it’s people and how Rhysand saved her and she saved him in their own ways

Secondly, I was a huge Feysand shipper and I know that I gushed about Tamlin and Feyre in the first book them BUT I couldn’t help it because the way the story unfolded, it just compelled me to give up my earlier views and realize the that Rhysand was the only one for Feyre not Tamlin. And don’t even get me started on Rhysand, he is my precious little baby that I will defend and love forever and he is just one of those characters who is very complex and you can see that he has gone through so much to be at the stage that he is.There were so many differences between Tamlin and him that if I were to list them it would be as long as the book itself! I think the major difference that we could clearly see was how they both treated Feyre. Like I could not believe the things Tamlin did in ACOTAR  were romanticized to hide all of his controlling behavior.

Another aspect I really loved was the action sequences. They were just so well written I could not help but imagine it so vividly and get engrossed in their world. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the way Feyre took action and became this bad a** female figure. The scenes really made the book even better because I am a sucker for a good fight and Sarah didn’t fail to impress.

Feyre’s friendship with the Inner Circle was the best. I wanted to be included in their squad and kick a** with them but in a way I guess I was(by reading the book).I really loved Amren and am very much interested in what the future holds for her because she was so bold and ruthless and just really amusing to watch. Cassian and Azriel really take the award for best supporting characters because the way they were loyal to Rhys and their faithfulness to the Night Court was just lovely to read. I really loved how Mor was shown as this strong female character who despite not being the protagonist seemed to have a story of her own to tell which just shows how Sarah has woven various storylines and merged it into this big, larger story which has been absolutely beautiful.

And let me just take a moment to say that the ending KILLED me. My jaw dropped reading the last chapters.The way things just go I swear my heart couldn’t take it and I almost died of too many feels.I had to immediately just close my eyes and lie down because I couldn’t believe that the book was over, that I wouldn’t get anymore of this for another year and that Sarah had just filled my heart with love, hope, hate, frustration, giddiness all at once!!

Overall the plot was really engaging and just sooo good that I really can’t wait to see what Sarah has in store for us in the future. This book series is seriously hands down my favorite fantasy YA up until now and I am looking forward to re-reading it already.Also this is the first ever fandom I am a part of and holy sh*t this is the best fandom ever so I feel like giving a shoutout to all those fanfic authors who update religiously so I can have my daily dose of Feysand and those amazing artists who have brought alive the various characters and scenes from the book especially chapter 55 *wink wink*. So THANK YOU TO SARAH, TO THIS FANDOM AND TO WHATEVER EVENT THAT LED ME TO READ THIS AMAZING SERIES.

*Update-Its been three weeks and all I think about is this book and it’s damn characters. SARAH GIVE US THE NEXT BOOK ALREADY!

Song for the book: Help I’m Alive by Metric


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