I’ve heard so many people talk about how a certain book changed them or inspired them or made an impact on their life. I understood that, but never until now did I really feel an impact a book had on me or how much it inspired me. I never knew I could love a book this much, feel a character so much that sometimes I felt like she was a part of me , until now.


You can’t not read this book. It’s one of those books, you just have to read. It’s such an ugly yet beautiful books which leaves you heart- broken like no book before. Its been minutes since I read the book and I had to take literal deep breaths to stop myself from crying and I have the best headache ever, but that’s fine.

I can’t put into words how much I love Kate, she’s the best protagonist and a person id die to have in my life , honestly. She’s just a ball of happiness and optimizm , it could make anyone’s day.

Kate inspires me to live everyday happily, make someone else smile and just live in the present. Heard that – read that many times but Kate just made me realize how important that was.

Kate is nineteen years old but her life has been extremely difficult and the book starts from the time where she gets a fresh start for herself. Even in all her hard times, Kate has been positive- which I adore her for , and her support system has always been her best friend , Gus.

I can not begin to tell you how much I fell in love with Gus! He is such a perfect friend and back bone to Kate, he cares for her and he protects her. (He’s also the lead -singer in a band –which just makes him way more attractive. ) I also love love love the connection Kate and Gus have- its like they thoroughly complete each other – in every way.

Now Gus, shares the lead male role with Keller, the charming boy who works at a coffee shop. Now ,most books have their lead heroes playing a long part but Keller was barely there in the first half of the book , which first was a little frustrating but once you understand the book , you get it. Because this book isn’t just romance, it is friendship too- and making a place in this world.

Keller shares the other half of my heart (Gus has the first). He has such a lovely personality and him and Kate are just…oh –my – gawd!

This book made me feel so much , laughter- happiness- meaning in life – real fucking reality and made me cry ugly tears.

If there’s any book I’d live by, its Bright Side and if you haven’t read it yet, GO GET A COPY



Song for the book :-


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