(I received an ARC copy in exchange of an honest review)

This was my first book by K.K.Allen and I absolutely adore it! I loved the plot of the book and the romance, which is so cute.

So Chloe, first notices the two boys when they move into a house right across the woods when their father builds them a tree house. Chloe instantly likes the treehouse and one day out of curiosity, goes there and that’s when she meets twins, Gavin and Devin.

While Gavin and Devin hang out with the popular crowd, Chloe is the one bullied by them and on witnessing one such situation, Gavin and Devin friend Chloe and since then, they become an inseparable trio, until one day.

As you might have guessed, Chloe ends up falling for her best friend Gavin and Gavin does too, but both of them are too scared to ruin their friendship.

I liked Chloe, she’s a cute –sweet protagonist and I connected well with her , at times I’d go through all the trauma she was going through but there were times when I was so frustrated that she would just give up. Like I understood what and why she did, it wasn’t even out of weakness, she was pretty strong but she did it and it’s kind of frustrating. Although through the book , we do see a change in her attitude.

Then there’s Gavin. I can’t even process the amount of love I have for him. He’s such a sexy sweet heart who is caring and protective and bossy AF, and what’s not hot about all of them? You know what I like the best? Mysteriously hot guys when they’re angry- that’s just sexy as hell, and there’s lots of Gavin that way .

I loved their bond, it was shown in small flash backs but even those few pages made me fall in love with their friendship. It is written in a past-future –second changes way , mainly from Chloe’s POV but once in a while Gavin’s POV pops by to say hi (That rhyme was so not planned) which I found myself looking forward to so often.

There’s also some drama in the book – and who doesn’t like drama? The good thing was that the drama was not much – not less either.

AAAaand the sexual tension in this book! Holy shit, there have been parts where I just could not put the book down even though I know I should, ( especially one where I missed twenty minutes of my class because I just HAD TO complete that chapter ) and I’m not sorry.

Did I mention the ending? Well, it was absolutely perfect!

Parting thoughts ,

‘ I really feel the need to squeeze the shit out of Gavin .’


Goodreads :- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30241888-up-in-the-treehouse


Song for the book:-Mirrors by Justin Timberlake



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