Holy god of sex and mother of all alpha makes, Katy Evans blew my mind again, I adore this book. I read Real a while ago but I was so angry that Rogue was not their sequel, that I just didn’t get to reading it, until now. I was sure nothing could be better than Remy and Brooke and boy I was wrong.

Secondly, I cannot put into words how long ive been waiting to read a plot like this!

Melanie, is Brooke’s best friend. All she has ever dreamt of is having a loving husband and a family, and seeing her best friend get it,it her yearning for love just increases. She goes to bars frequently and picks up men, has a one night stand and looks for her Prince Charming, until she meets Greyson King – who turns out to be a dark knight. She’s feisty, strong and comfortable in her own skin. I love the fact that she isn’t shown as one of those protagonists who have a dark past and are broken. Honestly, it was a treat reading about someone who wants to find love after all those ‘I don’t care about boys’ leads. I love reading about such leads but having a change is good. I loved reading her point of view, it felt like we were best friends till the extent that when the book got over, my first though was, ’’shit, I’m going to miss her !’’

You know the thing I love about alpha males, they are the most vulnerable male protagonists. That was Grey to Melanie, a criminal to the outside world and a pussy-whipped boyfriend for Melanie. Grey , known as Zero, is the ‘king of underground’ . Brought by his father into this profession and even after leaving , found himself thrown into the underground again , is Greyson . He was taken away from his mother at the age of thirteen and made to work for his father, who he left a while later. Now , years later, his dying father contacted him and promised to tell Grey, his mother’s location in exchange for his service.

I loved how drawn he was to her. In spite of the constant fight In his brain to let her go for good or selfishly choose her, he never actually let her go. I also LOVED how he always called her ‘princess’ and in his thoughts she was always ‘his girl’ , like come on , what’s sexier than that?

Also, can we please have a round of applause for the sexual tension in the book? I enjoyed it!

There is also a small Real moment in this book , which had me dying for Brooke and Remy all over again.

Just go grab your treats.


Goodreads :-

Song for the book :-

Say Something by Alex and Sierra

( There’s a full playlist mentioned at the start of the book , this is the one I felt the most.)


2 thoughts on “ROGUE

  1. Honestly I didn’t read the whole review because I NEED to read this, I loooove Brooke and Remy so much but I need to continue the series after them. Though I’m happy to know it’s as good!


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