I have my moods which jump from wanting to read a simple contemporary to a dark alpha romance , from a science fiction to a mystery sometime. This time it was historical romance . I haven’t read many historical books but it’s nice to get a polite simple book in a while – those who’ve read one knows what I’m talking about.

This was my first book by Eloisa James and she didn’t let me down. I loved the plot line- the characters and even their side stories. Although first half of the plot was pretty long , the second half blew my mind.

This story follows Tess Essex, who becomes an orphan along with her three other sisters, after their father the died , her being the eldest of all. They are placed under the protecting of the Duke of Holbrook , who is like a sweet caring brother to Tess.

I liked Tess , she wasn’t one of the sophisticated- polite historical lady. She didn’t hesitate to speak what was on her mind and was a very strong protagonist. Although one thing I didn’t admire that much was how responsible she was. Being responsible isn’t a bad trait, I myself am a very responsible person but she was way too uptight and I’d just wished she would give in once in a while and be carefree  .

Now, the Duke has two best friends, one of them being Lucius Felton – the black sheep as well as the most eligible bachelor  . Tess and Lucius have an instant connection but Lucius believes he isn’t husband material and he’s also afraid of committing to Tess.

But after Tess’ sister runs off with another man and her fiancé disappears, Tess has only one way to save her family’s reputation , and that is to get married to Lucius Felton.

Now that’s when we squeal ladies! Lucius is such a gentleman , he is strong and gorgeous , and not even at the end can I say that I know him well because there’s this definite secrecy about him and I think I like that.

I love how the romance in the book developed before the actual marriage , giving it a little more real aspect. Tess and Lucian have an amazing chemistry and the latter half of the book is hot – hooooot.

I also loved how James has shown stories from Tess’ sisters life without actually intruding in the plot. If you are trying to read a Historical Fiction , this is definitely worth a try.




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