As soon as I saw that this book is co written by Elle Kennedy , I jumped to read it. I’ve loved all of her books so far and so icouldnt wait to read this one.

So, the story follows a seventeen year old girl, Ella Harper. Ella, although loved by her mother, grew up in a tough childhood, always running from one place to another with her drug addicted mother. She never knew her father and the only think she had of him was his watch. So when her mother dies of cancer, she is taken as a ward under Callum Royal, who turns out to be her late father’s best friend. I loved Ella, she was a touch – as – nail character and she was so brave and independent , I was inspired. She knew how to hold her head high and stay strong even in the worst chaos.

Despite her refusal, she is taken to stay with him and his five sons- Gideon, Reed, Easton, Sebastian and Sawyer- in his palace. The rich and spoiled kids try to do everything in their power to drive Ella away, especially Reed, until all of them end up caring for her.

Callum’s wife and the brother’s mother, died a while ago, leaving their family fucked up. The relationship between the father and his sons changed and all of them dealt with the death In their own way, until Ella comes in and makes the Royals a family again.

Even though in the back of my mind I know its all very like a fairytale , I cant help but fall in love with this story. I loved how Ella’s life changed from surviving with barely any money and no one to having a whole family who loves her, a fathering figure and a best friend. And of course, Reed Royal.

You know those asshole males you just cant help fall for , that was Reed. Second In command after Gideon ( he was literally the leader of three brothers) and the most driven person to get Ella out of the house. He was rude to Ella and tormented her all the time but he was secretly liking her . The chemistry between them was so much , I was just sitting there waiting for them to tear each other’s clothes.

Eventually , all the brothers warm towards her and they become a family, always sticking up for each other, like Ella mended the broken family.

The book definitely has a Gossip Girl vibe to it with the rich glamourous lives and the drama and I cant say I didn’t like it, everyone needs a fair share of drama to read. I shamelessly enjoyed it.

The book ends with a cliffhanger – a real real bad one , so I’m going to retire and go read it while you hopefully pick this up.




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