More Than Water is a story of two strangers, who couldn’t be any more different.

Evelyn (EJ) is an art history student while Foster is a chemical engineer. Art is EJ’s passion but her family never understood that and undermine her passion for just a hobby, pushing her to study something better. I loved her personality, she’s so strong and confident and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. Honestly, I’d love being friends with her. I found myself grinning at her sarcasm and her smart replies so many times while reading the book, it’s not even real.

One day , she is transferred to work at the science library- and there she meets her co – worker , Foster Blake. Nerdy – geeky – sexy-science guy who wears glasses. If I wasn’t into nerds before, I’ll be sure to look out for them. Foster and Blake are complete opposites but they gradually become friends and find things in common. I loved how different their personalities were- polite Foster and outspoken EJ.

Into the story, one day Foster and EJ get drunk and hook up. Foster didn’t want relationship- neither did EJ , so they decide to become friends with benefits. The chemistry between them was bursting throughout the book. It’s like 20% in the book and I know they are meant to be together. Also. I love books where I like the heroine equally as the hero – and this was one of them.

Another thing I liked was how EJ’s art and her passion was described. There are scenes where she is shown drawing or taking pictures and I was captivated. It was written so beautifully, I could imagine it and just mesmerized ( also, at the end of the book Renee has included the photographs mention in the book that play a huge role – and I was so happy!).

The ending was just perfect. Foster and EJ just remind me of fireworks, I love this book.




Song for the book :- You by 1975

(I don’t think this song is really related to the book but I was just listening to this while reading the book and its stuck in my head along with Foster and EJ)


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