Current bucket list- Meet a hot guy with a beautiful taste in music, go on a road trip with him and fall in love.

Camryn Bennet is a 20 year old girl who knows what she wants , was very out-of-the-box , and fun to be around – until everything goes wrong and her life starts falling apart. She turns into a shell of what she was. She’s just starting to move on by getting a new job and moving in with her best friend, Natalie, until one night when things turn worse.

So she takes her purse, her cell and very few belongings and hops on a bus with no plans what so ever. Her life changes when she meets 25 year old Andrew Parrish.

She’d swore never to fall in love but she finds her self falling in love with Andrew. She finds herself doing things she never thought she would do. He makes her give into her darkest desires and see how wonderful it is to give in.

He shows her what’s it like living out-of-the-box again, pushes her to do daring things.  I absolutely loved how he changed her , made her things that she didn’t want to do and get her out of her comfort zone, push her to say things she wouldn’t normally, breaking down her walls and finally making her feel alive for the first time.

I completely fell in love with Andrew and how much he adored Cam. He was so carefree and hell bent on showing Cam the fun world all the while being protective and dominant, which is the sexiest thing in a man.

Andrew and Camryn’s road to love was so beautiful , their chemistry and the sexual tension just rolls off the pages.  I loved seeing how their relationship goes from strangers to awkward friends at once to being totally involved in each others lives and I loved reading how comfortable they got with each other.

Camryn has never wanted to stay in one place and do the same monotonous things but she never had the perfect support system to do so until she finds her partner-in-crime who would travel the world with her.

It was incredible seeing how Cam puts down her walls and opens up to Andrew, telling him all her secrets , letting her help him and at the same time doing the same for Andrew. But there was one thing he kept from Cam- which in the end is heart breaking.

In the end I think the book ended a little too quick and didn’t give a proper explanation or description but nevertheless , I loved it. I think the book might’ve been great as a standalone but i’m not saying a no for more of Andrew and Cam so I cant wait to get my hands on the second book ASAP.

Also, the playlist for this song is mind blowing. I loved the songs mentioned in the book!

Parting thoughts, i think this book really inspired me to not just do the same normal things but get out of my comfort zone – do impulsive things and just live life.

“You dwell on the past, you can’t move forward. Spend too much time planning for the future and you just push yourself backwards, or you stay stagnant in the same place all your life.” His eyes lock on mine. “Live in the moment,” he says as if making a serious point, “where everything is just right, take your time and limit your bad memories and you’ll get wherever it is you’r going alot faster and with less bumps in the road along the way.” 


Song for the book :-  Laugh, I nearly died by the Rolling Stones


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