She did it again, Kristen – I love you. Sweet Dreams Is without doubt my favorite book in this series.

After facing the utmost betrayal of having her husband cheating on her with her best friend and  then the decieval of all her friends, Lauren is roaming everywhere trying to find her place until she lands up in a biker bar in Carnal and finds herself. She finds the place she loves and later the one for her, Tate Jackson.

Tate is part owner of the bar Lauren works at. He started out being a jerk towards her. She started out seeing him with someone else and instantly feeling jealous for no reason. I’m sure you can guess what happens next- fireworks and chemistry.

Tate is a tall and handsome alpha male who makes most girls melt, including Lauren and he melts right back for her.

There were definitely loads of drama parts in this book with a murderer on the run and crazy exes on both parts but despite that, they’ve never been happier. Lauren has had insomnia since as long as she can remember and nothing helps her , until Tate comes along and gives her sweet dreams.

I love Tate, I love how much he loves and adores Lauren. He’d give up his life for her and he makes sure she knows that. Tate also has a ten year old son, Jonas and manh that kid has my heart. He is so sweet all the while being the same copy of Tate, he looks up to Tate with everything in him and tries to be just like him. I love how both of them spoil Lauren and keep her like a treasured thing and all the while Lauren calls them ‘my boys’ , it’s the sweetest thing.

Lauren and Tate’s story is definitely the sweetest story and I get hyper when I read about them in the other books, can’t help it.


Goodreads:- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11227040-sweet-dreams


Song for the book:-You found me by Kelly Clarkson


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