Most of the times Kristen Ashley female protagonists are very extrovert and stubborn, so when I knew she had a book about a shy sweet librarian,- I jumped onto it. Not even joking, I couldn’t wait to complete Lady Luck so I could start Breathe.

Faye Goodnight is Carnal’s twenty nine year old shy, sweet , pretty and a virgin librarian who always has her nose in a book. She has been in love with Chace Keaton since he was sixteen years old. Chace is her hero and she has been saving up for him. I loved Faye , she is sweet , loyal, caring and cute as hell- all the while having a solid backbone. Also, she is a total geek! She chats on forums with friends she knows but hasn’t met . Kristen also brings in Ally from Rock Chick and I loved that! I love how her series’ always connect to each other.

But she isn’t the only one, Chace had noticed her too, reading and shopping in a supermarket , but he thought he never deserved her. I loved how he compliments her by being the protective, possessive, alpha male that he is. But he is being haunted by demons of his father and his murdered wife, which being one of the reasons he won’t let Faye in a hundred percent.

But Chace Keaton has never had what Faye gives him.He has always had his mother’s back and he loves her but he has never had anyone have his back, not even his fake ex wife until Faye comes along and fills his world with sweetness and love he believed he would never find. She becomes his everything.

I absolutely loved their romance! It’s a journey for Faye after only having been kissed before Chace (which I find a little unrealistic . Twenty – nine year old virgin, I don’t know ) she develops her own dirty side and basically becoming the shy librarian who’s dirty in bed. And I loved their kisses, I could feel the sweetness through the pages, it was beautifully written.

This book was sweet, the kind that warms your heart and unlike most KA books, it didn’t contain guy being all alpha male while wooing the girl who didn’t want me and later them falling in love. It started out sweet, being friends who quickly turn into more but it never became demanding and I really liked that.

Faye and Chace’s journey is one of the best I’ve read and I loved every part of it.




Song for the book :-Holding out for a hero by Ella Bowen


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