When I saw that Claire Contreras had written a sports romance, I just had to get my hands on it. And just like all her other books, I feel in love with this from the start.

Camilia is a strong and independent woman who lives in her small apartment in Washington heights and works at an NGO. Her difficulties are increased when a group of builders decide to break down the complex and is helped by none other than the soccer champion, Warren Silva.

Despite his wishes, Warren is back in New York to meet his dying father when he is absolutely taken by this beautiful Dominican woman with short black hair.

Camilia isn’t the most trusting person and even though she is insanely attracted to Warren, who is trying everything to get the attention of Camilia , she knows that they are from two different worlds. Shes had her heart broken in the past and knows that Warren is a serious player. But he wasn’t going down without a fight.

Warren is how you’d expect a typical athlete to be, a little cocky, a little rich, used to getting what he wants and hella lot sexy. He is Manchester’s most famous player, called ‘war’. Since the age of fourteen, football has been is love and first priority but War is convinced that its going to change, and it does.

With only a couple of weeks left, Warren does everything to get one chance with Camilia and makes her fall in love with him.

I loved how War isn’t only shown as a douchy famous athlete , we get to see his vulnerable side too. We also get to admire the change in him after meeting Camilia and its beautiful.

The relationship that they have as friends first is so sweet and comforting, makes me want to go find a sexy althlete too.

But as they fall in love , War has his big season coming up and Camilia has just begun a good relationship with her father. Can they make this relationship work while living in different continents? Also, add in the secret that can destroy all chances for their relationship. Can they overcome it?


Song for the book:- Losin Control by Russ

Not only was I in love with this song while reading, I swear that the lyrics of this song are written for this book, they fit perfectly.



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