Can we first just take a moment to appreciate the cover? I love the cover, it’s beautiful and sexy, so are the cover models.

Getting into the plot line, Addison is an ex-model who now owns a restaurant called Seduction with her four friends. Meanwhile, Jake is a popular singer from a band which broke up a couple of years ago because of him. Now, years later, he realizes that he misses singing, and he rectified that situation by singing at a bar one day, where he can’t take his eyes of this beautiful girl. It was attraction at first sight for both of them and then fate makes them meet again when Jake gets a job at a famous restaurant, Seduction.

Their romance was pretty fast from friendship to lovers. Although there was a small patch when they were friends but it was a fast paced romance.

Jake, holy shit, I liked him from the start. He was the perfect mixture of an arrogant man and a sweet, loving boyfriend.

Addison, I loved her personality. She’s independent and brave and I loved that about her.

But both of them had their demons an insecurities. It’s about them overcoming their pasts and having a happily ever after.

I didn’t particularly love this book, I’ll give it around 3-3.5 stars. The book ended really abruptly for me. Through out the book , the problems due to their pasts arise and it’s been shown to be a big thing but it wasn’t properly shown how they over come it. The book just ended once they have a heart to heart and their break through wasn’t shown. Also, only a jist of their past was given to us and I never felt a sort of connection with Addison, which makes it harder to fall in love with the book.

I loved the romance and I don’t dislike this book, it’s just not one of my favorites.




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