All I’m going to think about these coming days is LUCA LUCA LUCA

I think by now, I don’t even need to explain what a sucker I am for possessive alpha males, I unconditionally love them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the chivalrous gentlemen too but there’s minimum once a month that I just need to read about an alpha male because they are I could honestly rant about it in all of this review (let me know if you’d like to read it cause I sure would love talking about it). But getting into the story,

It follows our main character, Aria Scuderi, the eldest daughter of Chicago’s mafia head. After almost an order from her father when she was just fifteen and no choice of her own, she gets engaged and later married (at eighteen obviously) to the future capo dei capi of the New York mafia, Luca Vitiello.

Ruthless and a killer, Ruthless has no heart for love and trust, the marriage was just a way to make peace with his enemy and to gain more power to protect his familia, which is all he is taught to love.

I loved how Luca always had a calm but stern exterior that radiated alpha male and power. He looks calm and collected but he’s far from that and pushing even the slightest buttons will show you how exactly, especially when you try to take whats his away from him , aka Aria. His possessiveness was annoying but sexy as hell at the same time.

This book really brings out the old traditions of a pure and innocent virgin bride who is just made to be ‘taken’ by her husband on her wedding night and is always seen as a possession, which was so frustrating to read and I was always waiting for Aria to fight and give a feminist reply, which she hardly ever did. I love it when the heroines are argumentative and stand their own. Aria did stand for what she wanted but she did it in a silent manner which I surprisingly didn’t find as annoying as in many other books, well most of the time. She is also eighteen but very mature for her age and I would have probably guessed that she was in her early twenties if I hadn’t known earlier. Aria is what you’d call the perfect daughter, made to be the perfect wife.

Luca, I absolutely adore him , with all his complications and brutal nature, I loved how he found a small gently and loving spot for Aria. Being trained from childhood to become the leader of a mafia gang, having killed his first at the tender age of eleven and seeing and going through all that he had, always learning to never be gentle or vulnerable, Aria brought out an unknown side of him and he found himself giving himself to her and letting her see him like no one else had before.

Do I even need to mention how sexy his protectiveness over Aria was for the hundredth time? IT BLEW MY MIND.

I did find her reluctance to have sex and waiting for the right moment, to know him better before losing her virginity to him, a little cliché. And also she was more of a damsel in distress, which is not what I really liked but it totally connected with Luca’s knight in shining armor side.

I loved them as a couple and how they were the most important thing for each other but at the same time, it wasn’t all about them. They did their own and didn’t interfere or need to know everything the other did.

Gianna, Aria’s sister, was superb. I loved her personality and her fierceness and stubbornness. She didn’t stand for what she was told to do and spoke what she thought, freely, and rebelled when she wanted to.  I loved her and I can’t wait to read her book.

My ratings: 4 stars




Song for the book:-Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers



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