I’ve loved Alessandra’s books in the past, even after all the negative reviews about this book, I wasn’t sure how she could write amazing books like X and then this one. So I read it and I can’t say that I loved it.

This story follows Ty who has been with her father, who is a football player, and his team since she was seven years old. Ten years later, she’s always on the road with the team who is now family to her. Ever since she was 14, A has crushed on Chase Stern, who is a young football player. Even though she had the biggest crush on him, she wasn’t exactly looking for his attention for the mere fact that he had a man whore reputation and her father had forbidden her. Her life took a 360 degree turn when he ends up playing for her team.

Ever since he lost someone he loved to death, Chase’s life has been filled with several women and sex, until he meets the one who steals his heart away. He finds himself opening up and being vulnerable to her, showing her a side no one else had seen and giving hope and love one more chance. I honestly ended up connecting to him rather than Ty.

So grows their forbidden relationship until something breaks them apart completely.

4 years later, they meet again and have their chance at love again but under really hard circumstances.

There is also a killer on the lose who goes around killing blonde Yankee fans and honestly I just didn’t find the need for that. Some books, like Kristen Ashley, have murder mystery and romance blended together so smoothly that you don’t even realise the difference but here its just a small portion.

The plot line was really good but it was written really simply and was very cliche. The chapters were as short as four-five pages a lot of the times and it wasn’t satisfying. I know you can’t always find books with mind blowing high class writing, but this was not Alexandra. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters, although I loved A’s personality, I never found my self caring for her or even involved .

I was almost slagging by the end just to finish this book





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