My Lucky Days


This was one of the books that you never want to run out of. I was sucked in the story from the first chapter itself , falling in love with both Katie and Lucky. Its not capable to describe the love I feel for this book in terms of words, I swear.

This follows the story of a college student who falls in love with a country singer on the brink of his fame. Despite knowing that he would be on tour for a long time, they could not stop falling in love. The book follows how hard they fought but time and distance ultimately tore them apart and how they meet again, years later and this time they held on to each other.


The book starts in the climax of their emotional reunion, portraying that he was a famous star and he’d come back for Katie to fulfil a promise he had made years ago. We learn that they had a past and even in those few lines, I could feel the intensity and the feelings that they still had for each other. What had happened to break them apart? What was their story? Will they get back together?

After that, we’re driven to their story, how they met one night in a club and had an instant attraction to each other, their first date, first kiss, how they fell in love and how hard and tough they fought to keep it kindling. But the timing wasn’t helpful, he was getting opportunities and when a lifetime offer came, which could be his big break, they didn’t know what to do. They held on to each other with everything they had. Lucky did everything in his power to convince her that they could make this work, she had his heart but she wasn’t about to let him give up his dream. But one heart breaking tragedy finally tore them apart but their love for each other never went away.

While Katie liked to blend in, Lucky was the life of the party. Katie was the sweet shy girl and Lucky was the popular cool guy, and them together was fireworks. Lucky adored Katie and he made sure that she never forgot it by the little things he did and also never missing a chance to tell her that he loved her or writing songs for her and singing them to her every now and then. It’s not in every book that you can legitimately feel how much they feel for each other so prominently and even thinking of them makes me think of everlasting love.

Until that all was taken away from them, leaving them heartbroken and a shell of what they used to be. But their lives are changed once again when Lucky, after being a world famous singer, Landon Evans, comes back for someone who just popped up in his life but won his heart in a second . He doesn’t stop until he finally wins the love of his life, his partner to be his again. Eight years later, Katie is no longer the love struck girl she was, she turned into a mature woman who listens to her head instead of her heart until this boy comes back and breaks all the walls she built. Katie is put in a place where she can risk her heart again and face a heartbreak, bigger and more fatal than the last one but she can also get a family and her lover back. What will she do? Will she accept the bond that never went away? Or will she turn away from that life?

There is absolutely no cheating, no other people and that sort of drama and it made the book so much more love worthy. And the ending, I was sobbing in the middle of the night clutching my reader, because it was just beautiful.

My respect for S.J.Hendrickson  grew ten times more because of her music selection. I loved her idea of allotting a song to each chapter and let’s face it, when someone has a great unique taste in music, it’s just fantastic.

Lastly, after this superb book, I cannot wait to read The Mason List and Waiting For Wyatt, her other books, whose synopsis just blew my mind.

If you haven’t read nay books by her, pick this up now!




Song for the book:- Feet Don’t Touch The Ground by Stoney Larue



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