I haven’t read the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh but after Six Of Crows, I’m definitely picking it up. Normally, even two POV’s seem to annoy me (in majority of books) but holy shit, I loved reading from all the 5 POVs and also made me sad to not get Wylan’s.

Six Of Crows follows the story of a group of misfit thieves who are sent on a dangerous heist, to retrieve a hostage from the most secured prison ,the ice court.

The story starts with Kaz Brekker, the notorious seventeen year old thief and leader of the gang of outcasts. Kaz is not someone I would normally like but Leigh dug deep into his past and things that made him who he was, not justifying his actions but making us readers understand Kaz Brekker. I was also blown away by smartness and cunningness. No one knew what he was up to or his plans. He was such a mysterious person and one would never know whose side he was on. Revenge is his middle name.

But something big is happening, a new drug has been launched and it is altering with the Grisha’s powers and it needs to be stopped, at least that Is what is told to Kaz when he is offered a large amount of money, to break into the Ice Court and retrieve a very powerful man. So begin Kaz’s plan and for that he would need the perfect people.

I loved the diversity of all six of them. Each of them from a different cast, country, their own agendas and need for the money, mostly different ethics but in the end, they all fought and protected each other together.

Inej and Jesper, two people from Kaz’s gang and his usual fights, accompanied him on the heist. It took me a while to warm up to Inej because of the mysterious character and personality of hers, and once I got to know her, her story and her loyalty to Kaz, it didn’t take long for me to love her. She is brave and driven, and her silent personality balances perfectly with Kaz. Jesper, on the other hand, funny and light hearted, had my heart from the start. Throughout the book we also see his vulneriblity, how he wants Kaz to trust him and see him as the good friend that he is and it honeslty breaks my heart because at the same time I understand why Kaz is the way he is so I really don’t know who to think is right here.

Nina, the grisha heart tenderer who works for Kaz is the next person he seeks out to before Matthias. I absolutely love Nina. She is a strong,bold , feisty and confident female character and one of my favourites from this series. She’s a sweet but badass character. Matthias, a Grisha hunter, the quite but intense and dominant character in this group. I just love love love Matthias and Nina. Their past is just bubbling with chemistry and every time that they are at each other’s throats, you can just feel the sparks and the sexual tention between them. There was not a scene where I was not swooning at their sexy, forbidden relationsip.

Lastly, Wylan , the runaway and as quoted by Jesper, ‘the baby of the group’. Being born and brought up in a rich family, Wylan doesn’t know the C of crimes or anything related to it. But why is he with them then? You’ll have to read to find out!

I adored Inej and Kaz, although their relationship didn’t develop in Six Of Crows, we get to see Kaz’s vulnerability as he falls for Inej, how he finally stops ignoring his feelings for her and deals with it. And I think all of us know what a sucker I am for badass , bad boys being a softhearted puppy for the girls they love.

Lastly, Jesper and Wylan. They are probably my least liked couple among all three of them, mainly for the fact that they didn’t seem like much to me. If not for the spoilers I had seen about them and a couple of moments, I would’ve thought they the relationship between them was just bromance. But never say never, I am definitely looking forward to seeing them develop as a couple in Crooked Kingdom.

Moreover, I fucking loved the plot, I was awestruck by their plan and how they go forward with it. The book is fast paced and action packed and had be clinging to every word, every sentence. Their adventure was so fun and entertaining, I can’t wait to read Crooked Kingdom.

Also, side note, along with reading the book, I listened to the couple of first chapters in audiobook. I have never found an audiobook to be as compelling as reading a book but holy shit, I loved this one. The narrators have done the best job reciting the book and I loved it.

Have you read Six of Crows? What are your thoughts?




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