I know what you are thinking , where’s the second book? Well, I was so excited for Gianna and Matteo’s story that I just jumped to the third book , and I aint sorry.

In a way, this was kind of the opposite of Bound by Honor but I loved it. It follows the story of Aria’s sister, Gianna and Luca’s brother, Matteo.

Matteo had set his eyes on Gianna first when he met her at Aria and Luca’s engagement party and taken up the challenge to make her fall for him, three years later on Aria and Luca’s marriage. What he doesn’t know is that Gianna will do anything to escape the fate of getting into an arranged marriage like her sister and her community have done, even run away from one of the deadliest mafia gangs.

I loved Gianna’s personality – she’s a stubborn and quirky girl who acts like a bitch but deep down is a cinnamon roll. She doesn’t bow to her decided fate and rather runs away, fighting for freedom and independence. I loved her fight, how she always stood up for herself, even if that meant backanswering to the scariest people and even getting punished for it. Being perseud by Matteo and getting married to him wasn’t on her top favorite’s list, so she took a chance and fled ( Her and Aria’s plan to escape was really smart) until she is found by her husband to-be, leading to something devastating that happened , causing her future plans of escaping to be labelled risky.

Matteo, man – Casanova, that’s the first word that comes to my mind when I think of him, with his easy going and teasing attitude which all the while hid his scary killer personality. I loved how he teased Gianna every time just to get her riled up and have some fun arguing with her but at the same time, made his intentions known clear. He didn’t give up on her, even after her runaway and closed feelings, he took what she gave and tried to make her love him, all the while attempting to be the man she deserved.

Gianna and Matteo are such a power couple, always bantering and fighting but at the same time being carefree and notorious. Them as a fun playful couple is contrasting to the strong and dominant, perfect couple – Luca and Aria ( I don’t think Ill ever get over an alpha like Luca being a puppy for Aria).

I also loved how their sibling love was portrayed in this book , Aria and Gianna , as sweet and loving , best friends as they are shown in bound by honor but even Luca and Matteo, whos brotherhood is barely touched in the first book. They would die for each other and before Aria and Gianna, they only people to trust. It melted my heart seeing how they always had each other’s back and confidence and how they would do anything for each other. There was a scene where both of them act around to fool someone and just seeing those two alpha males, acting to get their work done like normal young boys just makes me love them even more.

Lily and Romero aren’t mentioned a lot in this book and I honestly can’t wait to pick up their book. That’s all we need to finish all the best types of romances, alpha male(check) , fun and impulsive, always testing each other’s limit couple (check), now all we need is their last forbidden romance.



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