It took me so long to write this review because I couldn’t even get my thoughts sorted out, I absolutely loved this book. I’ve heard a lot about  this book but I never came a cross picking it up until I read A Court Of Thorns And Roses and was bewildered by Sarah’s writing and plot line, I was compelled to pick this up and I’m glad I did.

Throne of glass follows the story of Caelena Sardothein who lost her parents at a young age and was taken in by Arobynn Hamel, the king of assassins. She was trained by him and is known as the most powerful assassin. That was until something really unfortunate happens and she ends up working as a slave. A couple of years later, she is rescued by the prince on a bargain to compete against many other fighters and become the kings personal assassin, serving him for four years.

I absolutely love Celaena, she witty, smart, sassy- if you insult her , she’s going to have a comeback and insult you way worse. Celaena is strong and brave, she’s confident in her abilities. Did I mention she’s awesome? To top it all up, she is extremely beautiful with long golden hair that shines in moonlight and turquoise eyes with golden rings on the pupil and I freaking love that! I would die to have eyes like this (not literally). Contrary to her profession, she is thee goofiest person from inside and when she cares for you, she fudging will give her life for you, she’s devoted and loyal and I love her for that.

Celaena is fighting on behalf of Dorian Havillard, the prince of Adarlan. I like Dorian’s character, he’s friendly , a total goof and the sweetest person alive. Cherry on top, he is a reader and as is Celaena and a big part of their friendship develops on books (relatable much?). He’s pretty good looking with his black hair and mesmerizing sapphire blue eyes. He is known as the ladies man but we later come to know how that’s just a mask to hide is real personality ( no he’s not a monster), it’s just because he is really shy. But I appreciate how he is always standing up for his beliefs. He and Celaena share a little romance in Throne Of Glass, which I really wasn’t a big fan of. I think they hit it off pretty well as friends but lovers was just an ah for me.

Going on, so begins her training for the competition with Chaol Westfall, the captain of the guards and the love of my life. I can’t say enough for why I love him. He’s courageous and so loyal. He is handsome- like swoon worthy handsome with his chestnut hair and golden – brown eyes. He is the best friend of Dorian. Chaol ends up being close friends with Celaena in Throne Of Glass and later her lover in Crown Of Midnight (and they are so freaking cute together).  He is her friend, her lover and almost family to her until something happens and it breaks all of them.

Lastly, we are introduced to Nehemia Ytger, the princess of Eyllwe and the heir to its throne. She is bold , arrogant and cocky and doesn’t think twice before speaking her mind. Nehemia loves her country with everything she has and it is the best thing to know. The nineteen year old dark eyed and copper colored princess ends up being Celaena’s best friend and only companion in the palace. I was a total sucker for their friendship.

I loved the world, like take me to this world Sarah. With every passing line, I could imagine it playing in my head like a movie and it was almost as if I was in that world and I loved that feeling. The story revolves around the championship and how she wins it, ends up being the kings champion. But there are things in the king’s castle that no one knows about, things creeping in the dark and dead coming alive. We are introduced to a part of it in Throne Of Glass and continued in Crown Of Midnight.

I am totally in awe after how everything connected itself in Crown Of Midnight. Several different things added up to one being secret, one lethal ounce of knowledge that could destroy the world, and far beyond that. We are also just calmly told about a real identity, one that will end up destroying my sleep, but that’s okay.

If you haven’t read this yet ,you’re missing out!


Throne Of Glass :

Crown Of Midnight:




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