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I was so happy when I found this book because I love Alexa’s writing and it was a pretty long book. But who am I kidding, the main reasons,

Possessive Alpha male ✔️

Sexy erotic romance ✔️

So I was very very excited and had many hopes from this book which were all broken down. I’d give this book 2.5/5 stars and even that is for the writing.

this review will contain some major spoilers so read ahead at your own risk

The prologue shows our main character Miles (Oz) who is twenty two years old and is invited to judge a high school contest, where he sees this seventeen year old girl and is blown away by her. He wants her but apparently you don’t just take things like that, you devour them. So begins his plan..

Mallory, our orphan female lead is exceptionally smart. And all through her high school years, she apparently has a big charity sponsoring her education, food and living. She also gets into THE best company straight from college but no where else. And the day before her first day at work, she meets this mesmerizing handsome man with deep blue eyes. Did I mention her best friend for four years is her secretly paid bodyguard (even though they actually became very friends) – aka, to keep her away from other men. He was basically controlling the whole of Mallory’s life without giving her a choice which is just so frustrating (which Mallory apparently doesn’t find WTF) .

I love possessive men but there is a thin line between possessive and obsessive and Miles was holy fucking obsessed with Mallory. For example, after barely having one or two conversations with Mallory, when she is busy and didn’t answer him, her phone is spammed with a whole load of texts and calls because he was worried about her. Now for a normal girl, that would be the most prominent red flag but no Mallory finds is sweet. She also finds the fact that from their first meeting , Oz calls her ‘baby’ and ‘my mallory’ loving. Now that is sweet but not when you’ve just met the person! Oz also has a tattoo, an old tattoo , of Mallory written on his heart and he goes nuts- absolutely crazy, when he can’t find her or an’t talk to her for a day. He takes her to breakfast and dinner, hell shows up knocking at her door at five in the morning cause he had to see her( just after their first date) and cherry on top, he owns the fucking building they live in and the company she works for.

What else? He tries to get the pregnant , after just days of dating which Mallory seems confused about at first. That is until , after seeing all the obsessive stalkerish shit Oz has done and still keeping him, Mallory finds out she in fact is not pregnant (she thought of it after she saw the n number of maternity clothes suddenly appear in her closet),she is upset. SHE IS USPET THAT SHE WASN’T PREGNANT JUST DAYS AFTER MEETING THE CREEPIEST OBSESSIVE STALER.

I honestly cannot with her. Basically half the book is Oz doing something completely fucked up- Mallory getting mad – Oz giving her a long cliche lecture about how much he loves her and how long he has I waited for her – Mallory having sex with him after hearing that. She is the most stupid weak heroine I have seen. Not to mention the fact that she agreed to marry him just after she found out she was pregnant.

I was literally slacking through the book the whole time.

I am usually not a person who hates books this much but this book just blew me away at how much it made me dislike it.

Goodreads:- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31424202-everything-for-her



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