My new favorite author.

Holy shit, this book was phenomenal  ,such a emotion filled mind fucking ride. Vicious was my L.J.Shen novel and killed it with this book. This book honestly feels like it was written for me with the angsty romance , burning chemistry , arrogant-sexy-asshole hero , innocent but badass heroine and of course one of the best enemies to friends story. Let’s not even mention the hot as fuck cover because ‘just look at it’ , the cover pulled me in and I’m not even joking when I say that I stopped reading the book more than twenty times just to appreciate the beauty.

Emilia, you just can’t help but fall in love with her – her weird fashion sense and all, and Vicious couldn’t either. Vicious, holy crap (is it weird that I was so much into the book that I am actually missing his cocky arrogantness way more than I should?) he is an A grade A hole, he bullied Emilia all throughout her teen, he’s mean and an arrogant ass but who am I to say anything, he has my heart. He’s one of those tortured heroes who act like they don’t have a heart but in all honestly, are the most loving and devoted people.

The story starts with Emilia moving into a big mansion where her parents are going to be working as servants and her first meeting with the owner’s son, doesn’t go too well – dare I say really bad. Vicious was one of the four hot holes (along with Dean , Jamie and Trent) who ruled the high school, a rich hero with a haunting past. He seemed to hate Emilia from the moment he saw her for a reason which most people would find stupid, he bullied her in high school and he taunted her until well someone else happened. Even though Vicious acted like Emilia’s worst nightmare, he believed she was his. Emilia on the other hand couldn’t decide if her hate for him was more than her attraction towards him. They both love and hate each other until something drives them away , only to meet each other ten years later when Vicious is a successful lawyer and Emilia is still struggling.

The character development for both of them was superb, more so because of the fact that you could not only see it but feel it. You can feel them as eighteen year olds and then as grown ups. Their romance and angst, you can feel them fighting their feelings and lying to themselves constantly and you can feel their never-ending , soul clenching love. You know the best part of such lovers? They go all in , a hundred percent in love and they will follow each other through heaven and hell.

Emilia definitely gave Vicious a run for his money and even through his insults and mean behavior, you can see how much he craves her while she is afraid to get her heart broken.

I loved them as a team, Vicious screwed things up and Emilia gave him shit for that but at the end of the day , even after all the things Vicious has done, she was always there by his side and even after all being a really complicated and hard to love person, Vicious proved Emilia that he deserved her love.

Cherry on top, even before their second chance, they knew each other and how? Well you will have to read to find out.

Vicious might be a jerk but he’s my favorite jerk.




Song for the book:- Superstar by Sonic Youth



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