I’m going to be honest here, this book was a letdown. I had so many expectations from this book after daughter of smoke and bone and days of blood and starlight hardly met any of them.

The book seems to have jumped a couple of weeks from where the first book ended, showing Karou working for the one person she (and all us readers) have hated. She also has somewhat taken over the duties that she feels she has to do because of what Madrigal did and is a part of the chimera family now. Which wait, what? How can someone just go from being a normal (well almost normal) human being to what they used to be in such a small span of time?

At the same time, after not having found Karou and believing that she is dead, Akiva has lost the light of his life. While Karou is now in a totally new world, helping her kind, Akiva is deciding between right and wrong in his.

There wasn’t much Karou and Akiva romance that I was dying to read, honestly there was none, it was just Karou pushing Akiva away even after all he did to help her, which was just frustrating. I couldn’t even feel the connection I did with Karou like I did in DOSAB because she changed and it was very sudden. I liked her in this book, she was strong, fierce and confident but she felt very different from the Karou we know.

But I loved the new characters that were introduced, especially adorable sweet Kirin (no he’s not a kid). I loved how true he was to himself and to his kind and how he ended up helping Karou in the best way in the end.

There was also lots of Zuzana and Mik which just added so much more love to the book.

Overall, the plot was mind blowing, altering between the Chimera’s world and the Angel’s. Their stories and fights and how all of it comes together is a superb journey to go through. I really enjoyed the book but not as much as I had DOSAB.

I can’t say much about the story without spoiling it so I take my leave and leave it to you to read the book.

The book ends with a starting mission which I am really curious about. I gave this book 3.75/5 stars but will I read the last part? I don’t know.





  1. I haven’t ever seen that version of the cover before. It’s really pretty. I had similar feelings about this book. I still really want to read the third one but haven’t gotten around to it just yet.


      1. I think we’re in the minority for sure. The plot just felt really slow for me in this one. Like, there was more backstory than anything interesting actually happening. I LOVED the first book though.

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