I’m not the least embarrassed saying mafia romance is my guilty pleasure. If you’ve been reading my reviews then you must have noticed the excess amount of mafia books I have been reading these days and it’s safe to say that there aren’t many things that are sexier than an alpha mob boss, Nico being one of them. So I was rating this book on goodreads and I couldn’t help myself and I couldn’t help myself but give it five stars . Trust me when I say I tried but there was nothing I could find wrong about this book I absolutely love this book.

Born a Mafia Princess Mia Cordano, never wanted this life. In a world where female are looked down upon and are seen is nothing but a property to marry off as an alliance ,Mia thrives for freedom. Busting her ass for money and fighting her father , Mia graduated from UCLA is now working as a hacker .She’s a strong minded feminist with a little punk and a little the sass. I love how strong she is and confident and bold. She stands up again for what she believes is true. Always been by herself and being her own protector, Mia has learnt it the hard way to never take anyone’s shit but I love how she trusts Nico and lets him in .

Nico, is the bastard son but still Toscani family’s highest ranking capo, fighting for the highest position with his half brother, Tony. Having a reputation of being lethal and brutal, Nico has only one aim in life, avenge his father’s murder by Don cordano. His ten years vendetta comes to a halt when one sexy hacker from his past turns up and makes him rethink his needs.

Nico (sex on a stick) is dangerous – an enemy and that thrill adds up to their dark chemistry. There were fireworks and sexual tension everything they were together. Nico was such an anti hero and I loved how Sarah still made us see him as the sexy , charming , vulnerable and the alphamachodominantbossyhotaf man that he is. I adore how despite being the dark and dangerous closed off man that he is, he promises to protect Mia from the moment they meet. Despite being raised in a traditional mafia way , he takes Mia for all that she is- totally anti mafia wife with her punk and feminism. And I love how despite promising herself to never be bossed over by a man, Mia meets Nico halfway with his bossy and being-in-power nature and goes against all her rules and being involved with a wiseguy.

This book had a perfect mixture of romance and mystery along with some chapters from second character’s POV’s.  This book has climaxes that you would never expect and this was the perfect dark and dangerous romance with tints of mystery and revenge.



Songs for this books:- Half Moon by Blind Pilot (just because this song was playing in my mind all day when I read this book).

-Strangers in the night by Frank Sinatra




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