It’s been minutes since I read it but I just had to get this down cause I’m a mess right now, I loved this book! I was sucked into the world and the characters, it didn’t help that I finished the book in one seating.

The story follows Mackenzie, who lost her mother at a very young age and her father who was a street fighter at the age of thirteen. Mack has been raised in the streets and survived the harsh life along with her best friends and only family, Talia and Scarlett. When Talia suddenly goes missing after having been involved with two of the most dangerous gangs, the Irish and the Russian gangs and the police are doing nothing to help find her lost friend, Mack decides to do so herself.

So starts her plan to find out where her best friend is and it starts with getting into the Irish Mafia.

After losing his grandfather, Lachlan is on the line to become the leader of the Irish mob along with Sean (only one of them will be the leader of course). He is loyal and sworn to his gang and to his brothers. Girls have never been it for him, he has never wanted to find someone to love or to care for , until he meets Mack.

The chemistry between them is fucking fireworks. From the moment they meet each other, I could feel the sexual tension between them all around me. Mack is a witty, foul mouthed and tough girl who knows how to hold her own. She is hella confident and doesn’t take no for an answer easily.

Lachlan on the other side, holy god of sex, he is so hot he could melt me. Do I even need to include the cherries on top? Well lets see he is sexy, he is protective, he’s territorial, dominant, alpha male and he is the sexiest gangster ever, okay! Just thinking about him and his Irish accent gives me goose bumps.

Mack, despite her liking, ended up falling head over heels in love with Lachlan. Slowly, she made a place for her in Lachlan’s heart, something no one has been able to do. Lachlan loves Mack so deeply and will do anything for her (which he shows in the end and it whelmed my heart so much). He is loyal to her and he shows it, boy in ways you won’t imagine. They both change each other, molding each other to become beautiful people instead of two fuck ups.

But both of them are hiding something, something that could destroy their relationship and each other too. But they make it past all odds and so many fights holy shit. The best part, when he shoots a whole big number of assholes because they touched Mack, like yes! You don’t realize how sexy his gangster side is until you read it.

Mafia is a who so full of killers and bla bla but what I really like about it is the loyalty. No matter what, they all have each others back, ALWAYS . They protect each other through all the odds and I love how they ended up taking Mack in and giving her a family too.

A moment of silence for how the book ended, Zavarelli left us with nothing but that life changing phone call and I can’t wait to read the other books.

Lastly, I’m so disappointed that there aren’t more books about Mack and Lachlan. I do want to read about the other three couples but I a not ready to let go of Mack and Lachlan yet okay?



Song for the book:- Robbers by The 1975



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