It’s been half an hour since I read the book and I still can’t get my thoughts together. That ending – that killer cliffhanger and all the shit that went down in this book is not explainable.

This book had a very different concept from the usual books I find. King is the kind of anti-hero that I would never imagine myself liking, let alone falling in love with. Doe, she is such a strong protagonist.

At the age of twelve, King and his new best friend Preppy had decided that they were going to be no one’s but their own man , and years later, even after a three year prison break ,they still are. An ex-con and lethal criminal, King is not someone you want on your bad side and with King, Preppy, Bear together, they are unbeatable. After three years in maximum security prison ,all king wants to do is have sex , tattoo people and get back to his old life when she stumbles in, blonde hair and a dimple on her chin and turns it upside down.

Hungry and desperate for some shelter, Doe is willing to do anything , even sell her body as she finds herself at a biker party. Waking up in a hospital with no past memory of herself, Doe has promised to protect the girl who’s body she has taken until she can get herself back when she is sent to the man who can break her bony starved body into pieces. Which he would have, should have but he couldn’t do it.

The chemistry and the sexual tension in this book is unbearable. Neither of them are willing to give in to their feelings and need for each other and they constantly push and pull each other.

Even though Doe was thrown into an unknown world, barely surviving on the streets along, she had a backbone. She fought and argued until she couldn’t anymore and that tiny girl had sass. I couldn’t not love her for how she stood for herself when she didn’t even know who she was and for how she took king, asshole and a caring lover and all.

King king king. I can say that I started February with a bang. He grew up merciless, King is dark, untamed and ucontrollable. This tattoo artist’s only goal in his life since he got put into prision (which I can’t tell you but promise you it will blow your mind) has been derailed by this girl who brings out sides him in no one knew he had, and makes him happy in first time In forever. I loved how he is vulnerable all the while having his edge.

Doe and King together are raw, sweet and sexy, dirty and bubbling with chemistry. You won’t know what hit you when they finally ‘do the deed’ and there are no interruptions. This is a book you read in one siting and blow your mind. Adding to the hotness in this book, King and Doe have a nine year age gap , which is not the most comfortable thing for me (although I have read and enjoyed some) , I freaking adored it. King showed Doe a new life, he showed her and himself how to live, not just survive and gives her a life she can only dream of.

But King is hiding a secret, a big secret about Doe that will ruin everything they have built together. The truth about Doe is unveiled and King has a sacrifice to make that will not only ruin their relationships but puts the reader into a position where they can’t cogitate.

This book is dark and dangerous, with twists and turns that will have you hanging onto every word and passion and chemistry that will leave you sweating.

cherry on top, there’s a sequel and it’s synopsis is enough to kill me again



Song for the book:- Fall in Love by Barcelona



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