Fuck fuck fuck, this book killed me. I can’t even put into words how much I love this book when I say I enjoyed it. After reading Nico, I just knew I had to pick another book by Sarah up and I am so glad I picked this. You’re probably going to ask me, okay Torment is another overprotective alpha macho man, what’s new Avi? Well he isn’t just one of them, he is the god of them.

Mac, Makayla is on the cross road of her life. Striving to earn money and not knowing which career she is going to take. She needs money as soon as possible to pay off her student loans and surprisingly finds herself selling tickets to an underground fight. Her life takes a big turn when she meets the club owner, Torment.

Max , aka Torment, Is intrigued by the clumsy and cutely awkward Mac and wants to know more about her. He uses her EMT background and offers her a part time job as the clubs medic, to get to see more of her.

Mac is spiraled into Max’s world and Max pushes Mac to her limits and broadens her horizons. But Mac does not believe she can fit in his world. The more she finds out about him ,the more she is confused. Max lives in a world of violence and fights, something a girl with an abusive past doesn’t need. But the feelings Max evokes in her and how he makes her feel, conflicts her.

With a dark past, Max strives for control in his life and when he meets Mac, he does everything in his power to keep her with him and not give her the fate that people in his past had. That includes a huge level of control and overprotectiveness which makes an independent girl like Mac doubt if they could work out. Will they?

I enjoyed this story so much that such a non-morning person like me, woke up at 6 to complete this book. Torment, Max, is sex on a stick or the god of sex or whatever you call him. The sexual tension and his dominance in this book is just- way too much to handle, especially with some kinky BDSM. Sarah has done such a phenomenal job here bows down

Mac is such a likeable heroin, she’s funny – a  little clumsy, a caring and loving friend- she’s awkward but she’s challenging and she keeps Max on his toes all the time. Max , do I even have to say anything? I adore him and how much he loves Mac.

Sarah also added some parts of Mac’s best friend Amanda and Max’s friend, Jake, and I am totally intrigued by their story. Let’s see how long I last before I pick It up.  Meanwhile, any crazy alpha male fans like me- the ones that are not too, need to pick this book up.




Song for the book:- Sex by The 1975


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