I am legit scared that I am going to- I will , run out of Shen’s book really soon and I hate that. I’ve also learned to never read her books in one siting cause they mess with your mind (in a good way of course).

Its always fascinating to see how two people who were just ordered to play home actually end up falling in love, especially ones like Troy and Sparrow who are totally different, I’m not even kidding when I say they’re like hell and heaven.

Sparrow Raynes, the daughter of a drunkard father and one abandoned by her mother , didn’t grow up in the most comfortable conditions. Her father worked for one of the deadliest men in Boston underground, his son, Troy Brennan, is said to be even scarier. He is feared by everyone and there are lots of rumors about his brutality. Everyone called him ‘the fixer’ because he could fix every thing , even if he had to take drastic measures for that- such as getting married to Sparrow. Sparrow didn’t know why her father agreed to the marriage but she went ahead with it, making clear that the marriage was just an arrangement and nothing more.

I love Sparrow, I love her nature and her personality. Even though she is still a young girl, innocent and unaware of Troy and his world, she does not give in. With her smart retorts, witty comebacks and the refusal to break, not only did the readers but also the cold blooded Troy fell in love with her. She had a backbone which seemed to get stronger page by page. Despite what everyone thought her to be, she is exceptionally smart and her decisions are most of the time right too.

Troy, i know I say this for a lot of heroes, but he has my heart. I loved his character , all his flaws and imperfections. I respect how Shen went all in while building his character, risking some tacky scenes but it all made Troy. He’s arrogant and bossy , his ego is as big as Mount Everest and no one dares cross him- or his wife.

Their relationship began with them hating each others guts while being attracted to each other – pause, the chemistry and sexual tension was just sizzling hot and the ten year age gap doesn’t help lighten it either, if anything its way more sexier – which slowly escalated into a somewhat friends with benefits relationship and even they didn’t realize when it turned them into falling head over heels in love with each other.

I fucking loved their companionship, even when they weren’t in any physical relationship, let alone emotional, they were always bickering and fighting and talking but their comfort with each other through out all that oozed out.

The story had me on the edge of my seat all the time with the sudden twists and turns and believe me when I tell you, you cannot expect what is going to come next in this book.

They went through heaven and hell and several fights which in a way gave them an everlasting strong bond which I adore.



Song for the book:- Monsters by Angus Powell




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  1. I have loved your review of this book so much, that after finishing it I instantly added it to my TBR list, and looking into ordering it soon 🙂 Great review!

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