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She did it again. Sarah managed to send my emotions in a wind whirl again.  I also don’t think anyone here is surprised to read another alpha male review (I am for not reading one for days), so I’m just going to get in.

Disclaimer: This is in no way going to be a high class high vocabulary review because it’s 2am, I just finished this book and I need to get this down or I won’t be able to sleep.

Now that that’s out of the way, presenting to you a sexy review.


Arianne is the daughter of the cruel president, Viper of the Jacks. All she was ever used as in her life was a way to peddle drugs and weapons but she has survived by the three lessons taught to her by Viper; how to use a gun, how to ride her bike and how to kick ass at pool. She’s seen hate and betrayal all her life and she finally decides to leave it all and go gain her freedom along with her brother, Jeff who is the only good thing in her life so far. The day that she finally got the courage to leave, well she ends up at Sinner’s Tribe- her father’s rival gang and not so subtly meets their president, Jagger aka the new man who has my heart. Even though she is a prisoner at first, their attraction is at first sight. It started with the mean and arrogant Jagger being amused and a little less of a jerk with girl who’d ended up at his club and sassy smart Arianne being almost decent to one of the scariest men ,to them making the most phenomenal power couple partnership.

Jagger has seen and been through things In his life that no one should and especially after being the president of the club and always having to put the club first, love is not something he can have, or so he believed until he met Arianne.

All she wanted in her life was freedom. To do whatever she wants whenever she wants and to be treated as an equal to men and not someone who needs protection. It took her a long time to realize that she didn’t need to run out of the biker world to get that, she just needed to go end up at a new biker club.

I love her, she is sassy and smart mouthed. She’s a hardcore feminist and stands up to anyone who looks down upon, even if she’s tied up (not that way you dirty person, kidnapped and tied up) or in a really bad position. She doesn’t take anyone’s shit , she stands up to Jagger and contradicts him like no one has but she knows when to go with him and not taunt him. Arianne is a loyal and caring person to those who she loves, till the end of time. 

Jagged, Jagger, Jagger (does anyone think of this name and get a face of a man with long blonde hair? I could not get Michale Heverly out of my head in the start and it was hard removing that fact because that is not Jagger). I don’t know where to start man. Along with his arrogant alpha macho controlling demanding bossy nature, he’s loving and caring for his brothers and his old lady. There are some times where we got to see his vulnerable side , to feel his pain and his worries and then we got to see how he tackles the aside for the ghost of a man who he is now, until Arianne comes in his life and gives him a reason to stay alive every day. I love how he gets annoyed by most things Arianne does but still loves her. Most of all I adore how he gives her the freedom and respect, how he treats her like an equal and shows her what she’d been looking for all along and proves to her that not all men are vicious and cruel. He shows her hope and love and trust when she’d lost all, he gave her a life and man I love him okay.

They have chemistry and a bond so deep it runs in your veins. They understand each other and compliment one and another perfectly.

Alone, they are scary but together they are a man’s fucking nightmare (well my nice dream).

This book has passion and depth and mystery and twistsandturnsthatwillleaveyouclutchingyourereaderat2am.

Read it.





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