The Wrath and The Dawn

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-Renee Ahdieh


First of I want to say thank you to Renee for writing such a beautiful, intricately written novel which got me out of the worst reading slump I’ve ever experienced. I was so moved by the characters, the setting and the writing that I literally cried after reading this book. Maybe it was because books like this reminded me again why I love reading in the first place. Not only did I absolutely love the way the story goes but also the way this book was written. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading a fantasy book after so long.

So basically as you might already know this book is a retelling of A Thousand and One Nights with similar characters and plotline but it develops into its own journey about Shahrzad and Khalid the two protagonists of the story. I completely love our MC Shahrzad and she is my new favorite heroine. The way she carries herself, her unabashed, blunt responses to everything and to her real and honest way of expressions. I loved it all. I just want see her as that sassy friend of the group who takes no shit from anyone. I really like how loyal and protective she is of her loved ones whether it is Shiva or Khalid.

Speaking of, Khalid, oh my god that guy. I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM. I don’t think I have actual words to say how sweet, poetic, handsome, caring and good (I realize I do have lots of adjectives for him though  :P)  he is even though it may seem otherwise. After reading this book in literally one night all I want is someone to call me joonam as sweetly as Khalid. I just love his character development so much. It really reminds me of Warner from the Shatter Me series and how their characters change as the story progresses. I don’t think there is anything bad or something I didn’t like from this series at all.

As far as the actual story goes it was very intriguing and really captured the essence of the folk tale yet stood out as its own story, if you know what I mean? I enjoyed the descriptions and it was actually one of the few books that took me to the world and I could really feel as if I were a part of the book itself.

I can’t wait to read The Rose and the Dagger so be on the lookout for that review soon. All in all this was an amazing read because it got me out of my slump and made me fall in love with reading again. The characters, romance, mystery and everything else was just an amazing added bonus. I’m sure most of y’all must’ve already read the book but if for some reason you are unaware of this beauty READ IT! you won’t regret it at all. Those of y’all who have read it please let me know what you thought of the book. i would love to hear your thoughts.


Goodreads: The Wrath and The Dawn

Instead of recommending a song I found an entire playlist on spotify for this book lol so here it is. FYI I’ve not made this i just found this on spotify 🙂


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