‘Never flinch. Never fear. Never forget’

I’ve been sitting on my bed, clutching the book to my chest as I half cried and half mourned and everyone in my family is looking at me like I have lost my mind so thanks Jay, I appreciate it. I got so invested in it that even now, two hours after reading it, I feel half of myself and the other half of me just feels like I lost a large portion of my life.

So, I’ll be real, it was hard getting into. Not the story, the plot and Mia had me intrigued from the start but the language and vocabulary is very high so I ended up understanding only half of what was going on in the start. There are also lots of metaphors related to the world and there’s an explanation given about it at the end of the page and I loved that form of world building (many people seemed to hate footnotes as word building but personally I liked how I could understand the world without it having to show up as traces in the story). That’s not to say that I read them all, I am guilty of totally ignoring most of the ones in the second half because I just didn’t want to break my flow of reading the story in a flow but I totally plan on re-reading the book and all of that. That said, I was totally used to the language after about 25% in and barely noticed them. But the poetic writing and if you can strive to get through a little of that will determine if it breaks or makes this book for you.

This is the starting of the new life of Mia corvere; the traitor’s daughter, Pale Daughter, Kingmaker, Crow. She was born in one of the most respected and almost royal familia and lived as a princess until her father was executed, her mother and brother taken as prisoners and she escaped death, at the age of ten. So started her journey, being trained by Mercurio to finish her one goal in life, avenge her familia- killing Remus and Scavea and Duomo became her motto. She had to make one last stop before she would be able to murder one of the highly protected men, to become an assassin.

The Red Church, the school for becoming blades- assassins or hands- servants of assassins. How well you do determines what you become and Mia would never be able to avenge her family if she didn’t become a blade. But the school is brutal, they make you do unthinkable things and slowly strip all the humanity out of you. Can Mia do it? Can she lose herself to gain her only wish in life?

When I first heard that most of it was set in a school, I was reluctant to read it because from what I’d heard, this book was phenomenal and I really thought that a school will building a base of a series so it couldn’t be THAT good but boy was I thankfully wrong, this school is not your normal school. This school teaches you the deadliest assassination tricks and it isn’t just one boring lecture of sword fighting or arm wrestling, it has topics covered which I hadn’t even before thought of. If my school would have been this interesting, I wouldn’t have to spend my energy faking sickness to get out of it!

Even though Mia is only sixteen, she is deadly. She is smart, talented, sharp ,witty and smart mouthed. She was no where near perfect but she kicked ass.

When I said a part of me felt lost, it felt like I’d lost a family, Mia, Tric, Mister Kindly, Naev and even the good and bad teachers and other evil students. I’d lost a home, the red church and a world. I adored the romantic relationship between Tric and Mia ( even though my hopeless romantic self had wished she would end up with the sexy and mysterious black prince, Cassius). I also have to say, I am a romance person. I don’t usually like books with much less or no romance and even though this book had very little romance, I found myself not caring about that fact.

I also appreciate how Jay didn’t portray everyone as beautiful or talented. Mia herself wasn’t the beauty that one sees and is mesmerized by, she became the beauty that one saw, appreciated and then forgot about. He also included an ugly character with a good heart and that is one thing I loved about this book.

Once you get into the plot, the endless twists and turns will leave you on the edge all the time and don’t read it before going to sleep guys, don’t make the mistake I did because it will fuck you up.

Throughout the book, Mia also discovers a little more information about what she is and the book ends on a bad cliffhanger, let me warn you.

I also went into it, blindly believing that the series or at least the second part was out but it isn’t so I am totally looking forward for six months of misery.



Song for the book:- Bird in a cage by Spelleshttps:


-Smoke And Mirrors by Agnes Obel


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