This book hit me. Not only the feels of this book but this is the first High School romance I have read in months, the nostalgia hit me harder , I missed these sweet heart touching romances. Also to say , I have almost grown out of young adult- high school romances because sometimes it just seems like a part of their lives when they had a high school sweetheart and later like most other people they will grow out of it, you get what I’m saying? But Jay managed to blow my mind again with this. Her books are magical and every time I read a book by her, I am consumed with raw heartbreaking feelings.

There was the concept of childhood friendship, a bond that goes so much more deeper than many other bonds, one where you know each other – are comfortable with each other thoroughly and then it develops into an un-breakable lovers bond. It was there in More Than This and I absolutely adore that book and it was in this book too, but this one from childhood.

Lucas Preston is the eldest son in the family with an older sister and five younger brothers. He is the glue that holds their family together and carries the responsibility of his brothers after their mother dies. And he has one person who holds him together and keeps him sane through thick and thin, Lois – his best friend and keeper since they fell in love at the age of eleven.

Lois, aka Laney left her mother and decided to live with her father at the age of eleven. It was always him and Lois against the world, especially after her mother cut all ties with her. But she found a family, one that loved her deeply and took her as their own, a woman who was more of a mother to her than her biological one and a set of kids who ended up becoming her life , especially one.

Lois and Lucas have always had a special relationship. From childhood to teen to youth- they have always been there for each other, even as they changed through out the years and created their own identities. Lucas as the life of the party, the guy every boy wants to be and every girl wants to be with and even though he’s had several girlfriends, there is just one girl who holds his heart. Laney on the other hand is the introvert sweet girl who would rather prefer staying home and knitting rather than go out, which we see in the start of the book. But despite their different lives, they are each others home, theoretically and literally as Lucas sleeps more in Laney’s bed rather than his.

But having different lives isn’t easy at all ,there are complications and forgotten promises. Lucas is a teenager and a second dad to his younger brother, caught up between finding himself and taking care of his family, he ends up hurting Laney many times without realizing it. This keeps happening until one big mistake breaks them apart.

And then there was Cooper. Jay showed us some of his vulnerabilities too , for us to see him as a person. And as much as I hate him for what he did , I can’t change the fact that not only was he there for Laney when she had lost everyone but also helped her boost up her confidence as not just Lucas’ best friend but as Lois. I just kind of miss the old him , what he was with Laney before he showed her his true self.

But Lucas and Laney share a bond that can not be broken by just some bad events, their love for each other eventually finds its way back and that is a beautiful journey to read.

I love Lucas, he is caring , respecting and understanding. He is there for Laney even when he knows something is wrong but not what. He was there for her when she was trying to find her way back , her best friend, her companion and her lover. He might be the life of the part and have dated many girls but Luke isn’t the typical jock, he is a GOOD man.

Laney is such a strong heroine. She is cute and shy, she is also the most loving person and it’s not even a question why she is adored by everyone in the Preston family. Her and Luke together are like the best guardians and worthy figures for the brothers.

Although we don’t see that much of the brothers, they play a huge part in this book and Jay makes us adore each one of them too. Even though there isn’t too much mentioned of them, Jay wrote it so perfectly that we understand and know them, all six of them. All the Preston boys have ever seen in their life is how their father treated their mother and sister, he has taught them about loyalty and being a man, respecting women and being a gentleman.

The aspect that I love the most is how there are past chapters and we can see – feel how they fell in love with each other , I love it.

Also , all this while I was so interested in Lucas’ older sister, Lucy and her boyfriend Cam’s relationship and Intrigued and I just stupidly realized now that they are from the More Than This series and I think I will cry with the all the feels that are hitting me right now. I have only read the first three books and then stopped because they just made me miss Jake and Mikayla too much but I remember loving them from the glimpses in More Than This , I know what I’m picking up next.




Song for the book:- At first, I was going to say Angela by The Lumineers.

I still say that but I’m adding More Than This by One Direction. I’m not a big fan of theirs but this song fits perfectly for a portion of the book.

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