The Hating Game

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-Sally Thorne

Rating: 4.5/5

I don’t know where to start with this review. I apologize in advance if it’s a little haphazard and all over the place but i’m gonna try my best to summarize my thoughts. Basically this book is about Lucy and Joshua, two office colleagues who despise each other to the core. They engage in little games all day like the staring game, HR game How you doing game and so on. Lucy is a bubbly, free spirited girl who always puts other’s happiness before hers and just over all very witty and lovable character. On the other hand Joshua is your broody, cynical guy who just doesn’t care what people think of him but underneath all that facade he is actually an amazing, caring guy.

So, now when i started this book I hadn’t read a romance novel in over 5 months. I basically took a detox if you will from them because i just found them so boring and cliche but for some reason I just wanted to read a good romance book and this one caught my eye. I started it out with apprehensions that it would be very cheesy and cliche but to my utter surprise I was hooked to the book within the first few chapters, I couldn’t wait to find out more about these characters who were so cute in their daily bickering and constant battles.I spent the whole day reading this book between my study sessions(more like studied a little between my readathon) I just absolutely adored their chemistry and their slow burn relationship from enemies to lovers. There were so many cute laugh out loud moments in the book where i just sat laughing by myself on my couch which i can tell you doesn’t happen very often. This book made me realize that maybe I don’t hate ALL romance novels. I also want to give the author a big clap for her writing because seriously I wouldn’t have expected such good descriptions and nice way of writing from a debut writer. Hell, she made me break my poker face during the more steamier scenes and let me tell you I am a PRO at the poker face, literally emotionless. I mean I’ve read dirty fanfic back in the day with not even a hint of expression on my face and to say that I was outright giddy and grinning like an idiot is really a  HUGE compliment 😛

Now don’t get me wrong I loved this book but I was still reading from the perspective of a non-romance reader so maybe it’s that factor but this book wasn’t completely free of cliches even though they weren’t that big and the “plot twist” if you can call it that was pretty apparent from the start…but i know it its a romance novel not a thriller so I let these things not take too much out of the experience of reading Lucy and Josh’s story. Josh was such a swoon-worthy character and his relation with Lucy was bang on. Josh was like typical fictional boyfriend material and I mean that in the nicest way, I swear but my cynical not so romance-y heart didn’t let me fall in love with him 100% because I’m aware that these things don’t turn to reality and are just fiction. Maybe if i had read this book 2-3 years ago I wouldn’t have these concerns but I do now so that’s why i had to remove the 0.5 star . Nevertheless, this book gave the complete romance book feel from the heart eyes to the swoons to a not avid romance reader like me so kudos to sally for that because not a lot of experienced writers can do that for me.

Over all if you find yourself looking for your next romance hook definitely give this one a try. I’m sure it’s will surprise you. As for me I am going to (not so)patiently wait for her next novel, The Comfort Zone coming out in July this year. Do let me know if you’ve read this book in the comments and we can collectively swoon over Josh and admire Lucy’s impressive smurf collection! 😉

Song Recommendation: I was constantly humming this song while reading the book so i think it’s an apt song with the lyrics and all. The artist too covers the song beautifully. I’m absolutely obsessed.

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Cover)- Haley Reinhart

Goodreads: The Hating Game


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