This book follows the story of Nicole Parrish,a twenty-two year old who just graduated from Stanford and is undecided about her future plans. Not dwelling much on it, she loses her troubles and decides to just live in the present and enjoy her summer vacations. The book starts with the start of summer when she travels Europe with her best friend, Fiona, until one day Fiona takes her on an exclusive party where she ends up meeting the infamous Rafe Contini.

Throwing an extra ordinary and luxurious party on a yatch is nothing new for the inheritor or Contini pharmaceuticals. Neither is getting involved in sex and kink to which he was introduced to at the age of fifteen. Thus sending away the diplomat’s wife (with whom he was in a compromising position) when he gets mesmerized by a beautiful young girl isn’t a thing to be surprised of.

Rafe is known for his kinks and said to be a use ‘em throw ‘em (of course not without gifts though) man but his reputation is risked when he meets Nicole. He is immediately taken by this one girl who is as attracted as she is repelled by him . From their first meeting, Nicole has made it clear that she isn’t going to let him boss her around like he does to most other women, not is she going to take any shit from him- which Rafe finds both amusing and annoying.

But they are both instantly attracted to each other and decide to act on their lust, and so it is decided. They will spend a month together, no more- less maybe if Rafe ends up treating Nicole badly. But this is something new for both of them, Rafe who has never in his life known commitment for more than a day and Nicole who has never just ran away with a powerful man she barely knew.

I liked Nicole, she is impulsive , confident and not afraid to share her thoughts. She hates being told what to do and it’s always a struggle of dominance between them but she ends up slowly accepting the fact that she may like being bossed in the bedroom. She’s sometimes sweet and sometimes just spoiled and I can’t honestly decide if I just like her or like her a lot.

Rafe is what you’d call your typical rich alpha playboy. He’s mysterious, determined, broken, and a private kinky person. I kind of even digged his jealous and possessive side with Nicole.

The story is written in third person POV so I didn’t find myself really connecting to the characters. I could see it happening but not really feel it which was a major drawback. I can enjoy a romance but never fall in love with one narrated and not said.

There were also some parts where it felt like Rafe cared more about Nicole than she did about him, let me know if you think so too. A lot of the times it’s just Nicole being angry at every small thing and Rafe trying to pacify her which was annoying at some times. They also argue so much during sex and I’m just wondering how someone can still be turned on after a long debate.

I love Nicole’s relationship with his uncle and another powerful man, Dominic Knight. It’s heartwarmingly sweet how protective he is of her and how he spoils her and his kids. Also, I had started Knight’s Mistress which is his and Kate’s book in the starting of the month ( I didn’t know it was THAT Dominic until I went through all her books again). I just didn’t like it from the start so I ended up DNFing that book but that’s not to say that I didn’t skim through it and read some scenes and now it’s just weird because I’ve been imagining him as a 45-50 something father figure all through out this book and only in the end did I realize that it was THE Dominic and Kate.

Apart from all that, I did enjoy this book- not enough to fall heads over heels in love with it but enough to give it 3.5 or 4/5 stars.


Godreads:- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24383956-power-and-possession





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