Ruthless People




This combination is killer. Melony Giovani is the daughter of the biggest Italian mafia boss. After the death of her mother and her father on the verge dying with cancer, Melanie is no princess- she’s the ice queen. No one other than her close circle knows that is the boss of the empire, as ruthless and merciless as any male mafia boss. As bloodthirsty as her soon to be husband, Liam Callahan.

Their marriage had been arranged by their fathers years ago to stop the rivalry between the Irish and the Italian mob. Liam got into the marriage thinking that Melody was just another mobster’s wife and could be suppressed with money and power but boy was he wrong.

He didn’t get a sweet submissive wife, he got someone who was his equal and would battle him till the end. The battles of dominance between them, holy shit. Melanie trying to prove to Liam that she is as much of a mafia boss as he is and Liam trying to be the only boss. They argue, they fight – hell they even shot each other and call each other names and be sexy at the same time.

‘’No one calls my wife a bitch…with the exception of me.’’

That tension you guys, I cannot explain it. They aren’t even just a power couple, they’re destruction together.

I read in awe as these two powerful people started from being at each other’s throats all the time to working as one.

‘’You stand at my side, I stand at yours, and together we will rule the East and the West, so much that they’ll rename cities after us.’’

Melody is not like any other heroine I have read about and she’s definitely not one everyone will like but I ended up loving her. She is savage, ruthless, the perfect manipulator and your worst fucking nightmare. She’s also closed off and hell bent on being her own hero until one handsome man with sex hair shows up.

To their fathers, the main reason for marrying them was so that Mel won’t be alone in this world after her father’s death and because Liam’s father knew before Liam did, that he strived to find love. I love Liam- he is sexy and arrogant, he’s the fucking boss, the alpha and rules everyone. He also fucking loves Melanie and even though he is as annoyed by her demands to be included in all business as much as he is amused by her, she is it for him, Liam and Melanie against the world.

As it’s said, couples that kill together, stay together.

There is family, loyalty and love. The end line is that you are loyal only to your family and you die protecting it. By the end of the book, I not only adored Liam and Mel but also Neal, Olivia (not so much ) Declan , Coraline , Sedric, Evelyn and Adriana. I love reading how Melanie went from not giving a shit about anyone in the family to somewhat on her way to starting to care for them and I cannot wait to read ahead.

This book is dark, erotic, action packed and will not give you a moment’s calm. Even their physical fights are so entertaining and if you liked Mr. and Mrs. Smith, this book is for you.

Side note, I always have a hard time imagining a cast, especially when I have watch a movie or video prior to it and all that’s in my mind are the characters from that but this one has two people on the cover (who are very very good looking let me mention) so I had a good time not stressing my brain everytime.



Song for the book:- That song by Big Wreck

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