Three Dark Crowns

Three Dark Crowns

-Kendare Blake

This takes place in an island that is isolated by the outside world and vice versa. Each queen has a set of triplets who possess different powers and when they turn 16, they must fight till death and the standing sister becomes the queen. The sisters even though together in childhood, have been separate for years now- living with people like them and training for the ultimate battle- to win or to die.

The story follows triple POVs in third person and sometimes the supporting  characters too. I didn’t think I would enjoy it in the start but I liked it a lot. I obviously didn’t connect more with the protagonists that way but I feel like I saw it and I think reading it from their POVs would’ve been too much to handle.

Getting into the sisters, there is Mirabella- the elemental queen, Arsinoe- the naturalist queen and Katherine- the poisoner.

The poisoner queens have been ruling for several decades now until now- the poisoner and the naturalist queens have almost no power while the elemental can’t help but blow peoples minds.

Katherine is supposed to be able to consume poison without it harming her- something she can’t do very well. The Arrons have been poisoning her for years, building an immunity but that’s all it is. But they will do everything in their power to make Katherine the third poisoner queen in a row.

Arsinoe is supposed to be with nature, have a animal familiar, have control over other animals and make flowers bloom. None of which she can do but she tries to do it with the help of her best friend , Jules, who is said to be the most powerful naturalist in years. But she needs something more than just hope to hold on to.

Mirabella is supposed to be able to call to the elements, storms and rain and fire and wind and she can do it. Being the most powerful of the three sisters, she is expected to win and is backed up by the temple which is the highest authority. But can she kill her sisters?

I loved this book and I enjoyed it to the fullest. It was definitely a little slow to start with but I have no complains, I feel like it gave me a great idea on their lives and their friends and loved ones and it was such a treat. There is a little bit of drama and romance, not too much but just perfectly enough- maybe a little screwed up too but I enjoyed all of it. I grew to adore all the supporting  characters too aka, Jules ( so much), joseph, Billy, Luke, Elizabeth, Bree, Petyr and even Natalia and sorry not sorry I just had to give them all an acknowledgement okay.

I could never chose one queen to support- they kept changing at the most and even now ,I do not know anymore. At some times I liked Katherine just a tiny bit less because she came off as a little overconfident when she obviously didn’t have much powers but other than that, I support all three of them.

When I went into it, I was expecting it to be dark and mindfucking and it wasn’t so much of it. The book was dark and screwed up but not enough to make you hang on each word and maybe a little on the less serious side. I know this is a YA book but I would have also preferred the queens to have been a little older, maybe eighteen or nineteen, it would have been a little more believable. And this just literally got me thinking that I appreciate the fact that the queens here feel sixteen and not twenty something with their indecisiveness and obvious nervousness and doubts about the battle.

And the ending HOLY SHIT I did not expect that at all, it blew me away. I feel like an expected ending would have not been so changing but this one shook me.

I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Also to someone who is reading or is planning to read, take notes of the symbol before the chapter which say whose POV it is because I didn’t notice the rose, snake and fire until I was 80% done and they are superb.

I also have a feeling or atleast hope that we will get to see a little of the outside world in the sequel (which couldn’t be any farther) and i’m excited to read it!



Song for the book:- The Sound Of Silence by Disturbed


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