Sweet Fall

I usually don’t find myself reading sequels like this after reading about the main couple because i just find myself missing them throughout the story but I’m so glad that I ended up reading Sweet Fall. 

Sweet Fall was so unlike any other romances I’ve read before. Yeah it dealt with broken characters finding their way together but it was so much more and so deeper than that. 

So Lexi has dealt with anorexia since the age of sixteen. It went away for a while until her best friend died and as to fulfil her promise to her best friend, she joined the cheering squad and it starts coming back. So I’ve read about characters going through this disorder before but never in this way. Never have I felt it you know the inner war between just giving in and surviving. Just even known a tint of how it is to have a devil inside of you telling you that you’re not enough, not pretty enough – not slim enough every moment. Comparing you to everyone and just demeaning yourself and just by reading through Lexi, I never want anyone to go through that. It was like a monster just killing and pushing Lexi back down. I cannot put into words what it felt like to read it and Tillie mentioned that she went through it too and god that’s just bloody awful. 

On just as shitty note, Austin has always hard a hard life. His father abandoned them and his mother strived every day to pay for her three boys. So when his mother got sick, the family started falling apart. Finally years later, Austin has managed to leave the gang his brother finds sacred and managed to get a scholarship and is so hear to getting into NFL when the past he tried so hard to leave behind came haunting him again. And through all that he finds a companion in another human, breaking just as much as him. 

To sum it up , it’s the tattooed Italian bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks falling for the anorexic emo girl. 

‘’Why the war paint?’’

‘’Why the tattoos?’’

I cannot put into words how intense and mind fucking this book was. And I cannot explain why this It is not just another romance novel but SO MUCH MORE. It’s two people screwed up in the worst possible ways finding a way to survive. It’s not just about love and romance it’s about your fucking survival which hits so deep. 

Lexi was such a complex character. You knew what she was going through and still didn’t know her. She has a show on for everyone, even her friends of the happy and always smiling girl. But behind her makeup and smiles is someone who loathes herself. But with Austin, she finally finds herself letting go of the voice. She gives herself off to Austin and in those stages we see how caring and loving she is. I think personally for me, I read it through her eyes, I felt the voice and the demands to just give in- 10 pounds, 10 ribs but never understood. And because I didn’t connect to her on it, it didn’t make me not like her a little more, it made me admire her strength when she finally overcame it and say that she’s a goodamn fucking hero.

I also love the fact that her being a twenty year old virgin didn’t sound cliché , Tilllie just made it sound so reasonable. Like ofcourse she’s a virgin.

Austin man, I could cry when I think of him. The guy who sees himself as the ex gang member and nothing more than that. But let me break it down to you- he got out, he got a scholarship and a chance to go into NFL , all the while taking care of his dying mother, his older brother who loves his family but puts the gang first , his fourteen year old brother who got recruited in the gang and then later changing the life of a fragile tiny girl he loved more than his life. He finds himself again going deep while trying to make money to help his dying mother, save his brothers from the gang and prevent his girl from relapsing. But there’s only a limit to what one can take. 

When I think of Austin, all I can picture is a blonde American dude but man he is Italian; freaking hot Italian with black hair and deep brown eyes. Austin is devoted fuck he adores Lexi. He’s caring and selfless , he’s patient with Lexi and does everything in his capacity to help her, even when it means leaving her. Austin is also SO devoted to his mother and he loves her so much, it breaks my heart and rebuilds it every time they are together.

Austin became Lexi’s savior and Lexi his and both of them saved each other in the most epic heartbreaking way. I also found myself admiring Austin’s brothers, Levi and Axel. Alex was complicated but his love for his brothers was so true- beyond and above all and he ended up making me love him too and I cannot wait for his story. We also see some of Rome and Molly just making me miss them more.

If you want double sexy, there’s Austin speaking a lot in Italian ( which I didn’t understand but hey! The fact that he can speak Italian itself is sexy).

When I started this book, I had an idea about the story and I though yeah well Lexi has overcome anorexia , she’s recovered now , Austin and her fall in love , he shows her life but then something happens between them and she relapses again. And boy was I mostly wrong.

I never thought a romance sequel could be better than the first book but boy was I wrong again.

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.



Songs for the book:-Sleeping Sun by Nightwish

All I Need by W.Temptation


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