The Fate of the Furious


Fast and Furious 8

So we have never reviewed movies or TV shows but I am a ranting person by nature and I feel the best when I have talked about everything I have to say and after the movie I was like why just talk to one or two people, why not make it for anyone who is up to reading?

I don’t know how to perfectly review movies but bare with me.

I wasn’t too keen on this movie because Paul Walker. He is the reason I even watched the series in the first place and Fast and Furious just doesn’t feel right without him. Everytime I think of him or the movie, it brings tears to my eyes (and so does See You Again- All The Time) and its making me want to cry now cause my mind is running at 1000m/s so I’m gonna just go ahead.

There isn’t much of a story I can talk about apart from Don being blackmailed to work with a cyber terrorist during his and Letty’s honeymoon and go against his team which ends up with Dom reluctantly doing so and going rogue. With his crew now having to find him and stop him and if needed, put him down to prevent the biggest war, shit’s going down.

I need to start with Scott Eastwood, like what! He is one of the actors that are just so crush worthy and attractive and I swear I whisper shouted the longest ‘damn’ in the theatre when his face was revealed cause who would have though? But I loved it and I loved him being a part of the rough action group. Who knew attractive men driving the car at a high speed could be this sexy.

So was Jason Statham in a shootout while carrying a baby- I mean you gotta see that scene once.

And dare I say anything about the cast, it was goddamn perfect. I loved the action and all the shit that went down and mainly how they all had each other’s backs- even when they weren’t on the same side. As always, I freaking enjoyed the racing scenes from the core of my heart and the movie had me siting up straighter and straighter by the end.

I am the person who cries in almost every movie and you’ll be like this is an action movie, no tears right? Then something happened in the end and it made me think of Paul and See You Again started playing in my mind and my eyes got watery and I teared up and then I had to be like,’ no avi this is an action movie- you cant possibly cry okay’. So I had to pull them in despite how much I would’ve loved to sit and sob. But you know the movie is good when it makes you cry!

What I don’t understand is why it got so many negative reviews from so many people. Granted it lacks Paul Walker and it wasn’t as good as the last movies but I feel like it’s just received worse reviews than the movie deserved.

I have no idea how id rate it, maybe once I’m out of the fangirling haze I can think logically but I feel like my rating will be between 3.5 or 3.75 / 5 if compared to the other ones and 4/5 if we just see this movie.

4 thoughts on “The Fate of the Furious

  1. I agree with you on the negative reception. Some of the reviewers seem to have never seen a fast and furious movie. It’s not some form of high art. It’s big, ridiculous, and it knows exactly what mind of movies they are. I had a ton of fun with the movie and that’s what I expect from these movies.

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    1. I totally agree with you! Fast and Furious is so hyped, personally I had all my expectations fulfilled but I can understand if some don’t but also as you said, it’s not a high art that’s going to leave you dazzled. I’m just there to eat up the plot and the action haha:)

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