Black Hearts and Dirty Souls

Black Hearts and Dirty Souls

-Karina Halle

I am so digging this book series right now , I loved it! This wasn’t one of those series that leaves you with a huge impact and crying and thinking of the world, but rather a action packed and fast paced entertaining read (really shouldn’t use that word when I’m talking about a dark drug lord romance) but lets just go ahead.

So Violet McQueen is a photography student in San Francisco. She’s had a normal life with loving parents and an over protective older brother. Violet is someone who feels a lot whether its love or hatred, its black or white. She’s sensitive and an over thinker for which she has been taunted all her life which now causes her to bubble everything in her mind. So that is her ordinary life- as the daughter of a photographer and a tattoo artist until she discovers that her parents aren’t exactly who they say they are and it only goes downhill from there. Especially when a gorgeous Hispanic man shows up outside her class and shows her what living is.

Vincente Bernal is the prodigal son of Chefe do Cartel de Sinaloa or the second highest drug lord and has been trained to be next in line. Vincente wants the power, respect and money but he wants it on his own terms and not his fathers. So when he finds a mysterious treasure box with pictures and articles of Elle McQueen, a ghost from his father’s past, Vincent goes on a hunt to find this woman who her father still checks up on because she must have been the one who got away and could tell him his father’s weakens. What he didn’t expect was for her daughter to get caught up in all that but when he got the opportunity to get to Elle, he grasped it and took her for a coffee date. What he didn’t expect more was to fall in love with her.

I loved this book and I adore what Vincente and Violet had. They also had that connection at first time you know, they just looked at each other and boom they knew they’d get married and have babies one day. Violet has lived a pretty good life, with cool parents and doing something that makes her happy but Vincente made her come out of her shell and fly.

But being together wasn’t as easy as falling in love with their families being enemies and put in drugs, cartels, darkness , lies and deception everywhere.

I love Violet, she was a little shy and intuitive – maybe over thinking too much sometimes but she is a quite observant person but you know she had some wild times after her several tattoos. Vincente makes her see the world and live- outside of the shell. He makes her do the most uncomfortable things but revealing more and more of the hidden Violet. By the end of Dirty Souls, her character transformation is so good I cannot tell you. She’s strong , bold and not giving up. She stands for herself – she fights, she shoots, survives in the worst place and I mean she’s a badass.

Vincente. Welcome to the club of men who won my heart. He is a charming, sexy, persistent and ruthless. At first it was because that’s who he was brought up to be and then it was all for Violet. Now I don’t usually use this language and now that I am, you should understand how serious I am when I say that he was totally p**sy whipped. From the first moment he saw her to helping her become a new person to letting her be herself with him- frequent tears and overthinking and all and he helped her through all that to protecting her and just falling in love with her. He is completely devoted to her and would do anything she said as long as he was with her. And he did, he tore his world apart to have her. Oh he also has a shoot off while on a bike and look shoot of from a car, sexy- shoot off from a bike, fuck me.

Lastly, I’m all for feminism and women standing up for themselves and being your own hero – which when required Violet was but I loved how Vincente took the reins. Violet ruled the relationship but she gave everything –all her trust to Vincente to protect her and take care of her and oh boy stab me if he did not do that in the sweetest and gentlest way possible. Not so in the bed though, he’s kinky grins like a perv .

I also adore Violet’s family- granted I didn’t like them so much in Black Hearts but they won me over in the sequel. There’s also books for her and Vincente’s parents and do I wanna read that? Violet maybe but I don’t know how I will read of Javier after hating him so much. I get that he did what he thought was the best but then he was also the merciless cold drug lor father most villains are shown as and I don’t know how it would feel like to read someone’s romance story and see them end up like this. And although I know Vincente is deifferent, I am terrified that one day he might end up as his father and I’m just no no no not going there.

If you want a quick, fast paced dark romance that will only leave you aww-ing and not clawing (get it?) at your head, this book is waiting for you.



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