The Rose And The Dagger (Spoiler Free Review)

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-Renee Ahdieh

Rating: 6/5 <3333

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally finished the book 15 minutes ago. The wounds this book has left me are fresh as a daisy and I will never recover from the emotional roller coaster that this book took me upon. I knew from the very beginning that i was gonna like this book but it somehow exceeded all my expectations and managed to blow me away.

The writing and the plot, can I just say, were phenomenal!! It was so poetic and beautiful and every time I started a new chapter i was instantly in that setting and environment . The way the plot was built and the story was set was just so stunning my soul screamed inside of me and the whole book i was just like “YAASSSS” “ohmygodohmygodohmygod” *SOBBING*. Thats it. Thats the whole book in three emotions. I loved the way the book was narrated in a movie-esque way, like I can easily imagine the book being adapted into a movie shot for shot because the way Renee describes is just like that. What I really liked was the arabian words being used in the whole book and every time Khalid called Shazi joonam  or any other endearment I shit you not my heart just left my body and I had to close the book and just swoon for 10 minutes.

Shazi and Khalid- my literal FAVES, I have no words for them. They are such a genuine, mature couple which is something I haven’t seen in YA. They understand each other and treat each other like equals they’re so protective of each other yet they respect the other’s decision so much.Their chemistry is a slow build romance in the first book which just continues in this one and is strong as ever despite all the circumstances thrown their way. The romance was just A-1 top class in this. *claps*

The character traits and descriptions were so on point. Each character was beautifully written. I could honestly relate and empathize with all of them, even the villain Salim which I rarely do but I enjoyed reading a good evil character for a change. Despina and Jalal were so adorable and just the perfect fit for each other so I’m excited to read their novella too. The scenes with Irsa and Shazi kind of reminded me of my own sister and me. 🙂 Khalid was just…..suchhh an amazingly well written character. Every time I read his POV I did a mental dance in my head. He is seriously my favorite hero ever. I could relate to so many of his qualities and i absolutely adored his witty banter and his intimidating fierce facade which he showed everyone but that goodness and love that he has for everyone around him is what broke my heart so many times. *sobs* Shahrzad was a strong, stubborn, good, kind, lovely, beautiful(I’m running out of adjectives. help)woman who showed such maturity and understanding for her age. I mean it unnerved me a bit that we were both the same age yet she was so much more “wise” and confident? than me.(ik she’s fictional but stillll) It was just really well thought out and executed characters which i appreciate very much.

I also really liked how the women in the book are portrayed just as strong and capable as the men. This was an aspect which was genuinely a very fresh thing to read in YA with all the girl on girl hate being shown and messy love triangles, this book took a different turn by not sticking to those stereotypes and also showing diversity which was obvious because its set in present day, Iran, if i’m not wrong but you rarely see YA books with diverse characters other than as the sidekick to the white protagonist or not at all.

Can i also point out that the multiple pov really worked out amazingly, I mean to see the whole story flow in sync without ever feeling disinterested in even one of the side plotlines was so cool. This is the only book besides Six of Crows that have actually made me care about the other characters’s povs and hungrily read it all with the same interest. I can’t say anymore without divulging spoilers so i’m gonna stop now lol.

This novel has potential for more sequels/prequels in the same world because one aspect which wasn’t directly related to the plot line was intentionally left out, I feel. But other than that this novel has checked all the boxes that are to be checked for an amazing book hangover worthy  YA novel. sO PLEASE READ THIS BOOK ASAP IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day! 🙂

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Song for the book: FYI its not my playlist i just found it on spotify.



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