Sweet Hope



It’s because of goddamn authors like Tillie that I don’t like boys in real life. And after this boy, screw boys I need a man. I did not think that this series could get any better but boy was I wrong. Tillie is just filling my heart up with warmth with this amazing group of people that I’ve come to adore.

We first meet Ally in Sweet Home and she soon becomes best friends with Molly, Lexi and Cass. Through the first two books we see Molly , Lexi and Cass finding their soul mates and having this irrevocable love and Ally was left behind. Not in the sense of left because they were all still the best friends but she craved a romance like theirs but didn’t get it. So she buried herself in work- a work she loved, as a museum curator.

One day, she finds a sculpture by an artist called Elpi and soon she is not only in love with the work but obsessed with the artist itself. So when she gets the opportunity to be a curator for his exhibition, Ally flies straight to Seattle ( where to my hearts enjoyment Lexi and Molly lived).

Elpi or as we know him Axel has lived a regretful life starting from joining a gang to bringing his innocent little brothers in it, from letting his mother dying thinking that she didn’t raise a good man to letting his brothers down. After five years in prison, the only way he lets his pain out is by sculpting but still never forgiving himself. Axel believes that he does not deserve a good life but he was wrong. Axel was also the father to Austin and Levi that their father was not, he was their big brother, their protector and the man they looked up to. He joined the gang because the gang had protected them and saved him and his brothers and he joined it to give his brothers a whatever decent life. He sold coke to get money for his mother’s medication and he found a family in the gang. But through all that, every step he took was to protect his brothers whether he himself knew that or not and everything (well most) he’s done until now was for a good life for them and when he failed to realize that- when Austin and Levi and everyone else failed to understand that, Ally was standing proudly at this feared ex-con’s side and telling it to them.

I fucking love Ally, She is free, full of happiness and positivity. Ally is cool and the person that lights up your day. She wasn’t a heroine with a sad brutal past or haunting secrets, she was a relief. She is strong willed and determined and the way that she saved Axel from himself and from the ghosts of his past is beyond words. She stood up for him – with him like the proudest person ever and proved his worth to the world.

Axel- Epi- the fucking love of my life hello! I hated him and I awed him in Sweet Fall. He was such a complicated character trying to fight good and bad and I just had to see his story- the story which killed me and resuscitated me. Axel is a broken shattered anti hero. He has the shell of a dangerous scary man who can break you into two ( which he can) but under that shell is the most loving and caring person and the proudest motherfucker of his brothers. His love for his brothers melts my heart. I have not read story where a brotherhood is this tight, they came from hell and still managed to accept each other’s flaw. A huge part of this book was themed on Axel’s relationship with his brothers and it’s beautiful.

We are the Carillo Boys.

Three brothers born into chaos and pain.

Three brothers who’d endured tragedy and loss.

Brothers until the end, bound by blood, our bond unbreakable by unconditional love.


Also just to mention, he is a sexy mysterious hulk of a man with beard and a man bun in case you needed more of a turn on.

Their romance is lighting up from the start and I love that they didn’t just waste time, they got to it. They have chemistry and forbidden relationship and just the undying heart shattering love for each other. Normally in most books it’s the guy that visibly adores the girl even though the girl is also head over heels in love but in Sweet Hope, Axel and Ally are both shamelessly adoring each other and I love that.

Something that I really loved about Sweet Hope is that it wasn’t just romance. This book was Axel’s story, his aftermath and him finally getting a life back- starting with the introduction of Ally.

I also loved seeing the whole gang, how they’ve grown up and some of their complications that were mentioned in this book.  There is also a chapter fifteen years in the future and allofthemhavekidsandtheyvegrownupandillcry.

As I’ve stated reviewing books, I slowly realized that I have also started to critically view the characters and the plots and there was not one thing wrong with this book or hell this series, I am so glad I picked it up.

If you haven’t, you are highly missing out.

Goodreads:- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18759355-sweet-hope


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