-Ve Keeland

So Reece was out on a date and it was really boring , which led her to go on a bathroom break and call her best friend and beg her to save her. That was going well until this really- really good looking guy interrupts her and reminds her of how rude she was being. That guy also ends up helping her out by bringing his date on her table- making it a double date with stories of how him and Reece met in high school and ate each others faces off. It was one of the best dates Reece has ever had and even a month later she cant get him out of his mind. Good thing they meet again- and again but this time he is her boss. But that wasn’t enough to stop either of them.

Chase Parker hasn’t exactly had the easiest life. Although he is out going and easy to talk to, he never thought he could love again after his fiancée’s death years ago. He though he had moved on but Reece’s introduction in his life made him realized that after her was when he moved on. Chase has insecurities and a part of him he never talks about – the hurting and sad vulnerable part until Reece slowly breaks his walls down.

I really like Reece, she’s stubborn, she’s funny and knows how to take a joke and joke herself. She is goofy and smart and independent. But she’s also insecure about relationships hence why it took Chase 50% of the book to get her to kiss him.

I love Chase! My usual books involve brooding mysterious alpha males so when this book turns out to laugh and joke with everyone and not scare or intimidate everyone with his presence, it was something new for me. Not to say I didn’t have those 5 seconds where I was like ‘but I want him to be mysterious and intimidating’ but nothing another 5 second pep talk saying ‘but he’s such a sexy Casanova’ cheered me up. In all seriousness though I love his personality, he is laid back and funny. He’s flirtatious and just one of those people you never want to stop talking to. Another thing are his sexual puns, I mean holy god. He is just one of those people who you accidentally hit on the subway and they just smile this gorgeous smile and say its okay and there it is, they make your day brighter.

I absolutelty love the flirarious and light banter between them. Reece and Chase have this undying chemistry from the start and out of all the people, they just get each other.

I feel like we didn’t get much of a romance. Like even though they like each other, they don’t get together (although Chase makes Reece agree to go out on dinner with him twice a week and that they will not date anyone else without making her realize that that was them dating) until 50% of the book ( which I really am not a fan of ) and they stay that way ( which is seriously how your dream relationship is) for a while before something goes downhill.

This was more of a light book and I loved it but I just didn’t find myself moved or that into it after the book. You know like once youre done and you just think oh man, I definitely slacked a little by the end. I think that’s just me too used to mind f@cking romance novels.



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